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WordPress Training: How to Use WordPress

WordPress training is an important part of having a WordPress website…obviously. Yes, there are tons of video trainings on how to use WordPress—but some people want the more personal touch. Someone who can walk them through the process step-by-step.

Our WordPress training ensure that you know how to use WordPress, the following ways:

  1. Know what you’re doing
  2. Learn faster
  3. Use your WordPress website more effectively
  4. Learn all the possibilities available to you
  5. Learn how to not ‘mess it up’


WordPress Training: What you Learn

In our WordPress training, we include all the basics to get you up and going with your website. There is more advanced WordPress tutorials available after the initial session, and it is based on the specific functionalities that you want to learn.

Our WordPress Training is a basic one-hour, one-on-one session on how to use WordPress and the following WP skills:

  • How to create a post
  • How to create a page
  • How to add images
  • How to add video
  • How to use the plugins (features) available with your website (like live chat)
  • How to format text
  • How to improve your SEO

For more advanced WordPress tutorials, simply purchase additional hours until your skillset needs are met.


WordPress Training for Real Estate Websites: Who Teaches You

Our on-staff WordPress trainer, Harlem Williams is a Jedi-Master of training. She is our official learning consultant—and she will have you using your website like a true Jedi. Harlem is sweet, smart—and has the patience of Mother Theresa.

But why tell you about Harlem…when you can virtually meet her! Drum roll please….Here’s Harlem*

How Much Does our WordPress Training Cost?

We offer WordPress training at the most competitive rate on the market (seriously—Google it!)…$40/hour. Within a one-hour training session you will learn a number of techniques that will empower you to continually improve your real estate website.

Don’t Want WordPress Training?

You’re a busy agent…we know that. You may not have time for a WordPress tutorial. For you, we also offer simple support incidents available, to do the above tasks, at $25 a pop.