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WordPress Real Estate Websites: What IS WordPress?

Posted by robinkw on March 20, 2014
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We make WordPress real estate websites–because we think WordPress is simply the bee’s knees.


WordPress Real Estate Websites–What IS WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System that empowers the public to build super-cool-and-awesome websites. If you’re thinking, “but wait–isn’t WordPress that blogging thingamajiggy?”, then you would be right…sort of. WordPress is commonly used for simple blogs, but installing its powerful platform onto your own website hosting gives you the framework needed to create stunning websites, have cutting-edge features like Live Chat–all the while giving the user an easy-to-use backend. On WordPress you can install gorgeous themes to create a beautiful website, and then turn it into a lead-generating platform by using ‘plugins’.

wordpress real estate websites backend

WordPress Real Estate Websites Themes

WordPress is a CMS, which makes it a powerful framework–but it is still just a framework. Without a pretty ‘skin’ or ‘theme’ it won’t look like much. A theme is a set of graphics, designs and page layouts that creates an overall look. A ‘theme’ is different than a template as it can still be manipulated greatly. Elements can be moved around, added and removed, and there are still a great variety of design options within each theme. What this means is that a theme is like a designer framework on the WordPress framework. ¬†As of the moment of writing there are 2,345 themes in the WordPress directory, and a few thousand more made my private publishers.
wordpress real estate websites themes

To see a few of our favourite themes, check out this list from our favourite web-design magazine:

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a feature that can be easily added to WordPress real estate websites. All the world’s largest internet technology companies (and all the small ones too!) create WordPress plugins for their technology–as WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System. ¬†WordPress plugins include those available from Zoho, Zopim, Google (actually they have MANY: Adsense, Analytics, Sitemap, Tag Manager and more), DropBox, ClickDesk, Yoast SEO, SalesForce and oh soooooo many more. If you’re curious if a technology that you’re currently work with has a WordPress plugin–just ask us! Email us or use our live chat (…which is a plugin!).
wordpress real estate websites plugins

So–What is WordPress to YOU?

What WP means to you is that you can have a stunning, cutting-edge WordPress real estate website, with all the latest technologies–at a fraction of the cost of our competitors (who have to develop all their technologies in-house).


Curious about getting a WordPress real estate website? Just give us a ring-a-ding-ding!