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WordPress Real Estate Websites: The New WordPress Dashboard

Posted by robinkw on March 28, 2014
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If you’ve been considering WordPress real estate websites–the time has never been better! Seriously. There is a new WordPress dashboard that only reinforces why choosing WordPress for your real estate website is a solid, strong, dope, fly, crazy-awesome decision. 


WordPress Real Estate Websites: The Changes 

The changes in the new dashboard circle around an improved user interface. The new WordPress interface is extremely clean, and customizable with over 7 different colour schemes.

Take a look at the before and after…

wordpress real estate websites old dashboard
wordpress real estate websites new dashboard

The new dashboard is easier to read, has a stronger menu both on the left-hand-side and on the top of website pages (when you’re signed in to the backend then surf your website’s front end) AND has a more user-friendly mobile version. The result: a great user interface for real estate websites.


WordPress Real Estate Websites Dashboard–the Real Differences

The new WordPress dashboard may circle around the obvious visual changes, but for those readers who are a little more technologically-inclined, here are the small-detail changes:

  • A greater contrast for improved visibility
  • A customizable dashboard with multiple skins
  •  A cleaner typography–again for improved visibility
  • A high-definition dashboard that loads even quicker than the old low-def dashboard–as they ditched some pixels in exchange for new vector-based icons
  • Colour schemes that allows you to customize, at least a little, the dashboard–so you can ditch the old pale blue and white
  • New theme management that helps you preview your themes better (without activating them!)
  • A better ‘widgets’ screen that makes selecting the widgets just a smidge more user friendly


If you’ve been wondering of WordPress real estate websites are the right path–they are. They’re more affordable, offer more free technologies and have a user-friendly existence. Want a demo of the new WordPress backend? Just give us a shout on our live chat, via email or via the old-school way…our 800-number.