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How to ‘Win’ Real Estate Website Marketing with Live Chat

Posted by robinkw on June 28, 2014
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Creating a beautiful website is easy. Doing effective real estate website marketing through functionality and effort however…
real estate website marketing
Here at Real Estate Websites Canada we have one great tip begin converting your web traffic (this is of course presupposing that you already have web traffic) is to learn to effectively use live chat. We install this on nearly every website we make, from a mortgage broker advertising mortgage rates Vancouver, to niche websites like Regina Condos for Sale.


If you’re shaking your head thinking ‘live chat doesn’t get leads’…you haven’t used it properly. Here at REwebsites—we get more than 10 leads a month from our live chat. We, of course, have to work harder than a Realtor to try to close them—but that’s a different blog post entirely.


How to ‘Win’ at Real Estate Website Marketing with Live Chat

Turning real estate website visitors into actual leads is harder than Chinese algebra. But, the easiest way—in our opinion—is to leverage live chat. And the best ways to use your live chat to turn visitors into leads are…


1.   Install Live Chat

This one might seem like a given—but you can’t learn to use live chat without installing it. So that’s your first step. If you aren’t sure how, give us a holler on our live chat and we will tell you.


2.   Turn it On

We had a great conversation with a Realtor a few weeks ago who scoffed at the idea of us pushing our live chat tool. “I have live chat, and it hasn’t garnered me ANY leads”. We asked—is it turned on? “yes, of couse”. Is it turned on right now? “Yes, of course”. We hopped on their website real quick…and it wasn’t on.


So, the biggest step to winning at real estate website marketing with live chat is to remember to turn it on everyday. It’s easy enough, it’s a small app on your smartphone that you log in to everyday (or have it automatically login when you turn on your phone).



3.   Turn on Pre-Emptive Chatting

There are two ways to use live chat, as a reactive tool and as a proactive tool. By turning on your website visitor notification you will be notified when a web surfer comes on your website. You can then pre-emptively strike up a conversation.


This is sort of like having an open house and waiting for the visitors to strike up a conversation with  you and turn themselves into a lead. It won’t happen.


4.   Be Super Fast

Many visitors to your website will leave within a minute. This is called your ‘bounce rate’. Statistically, most websites have at least a 50% bounce rate—which means you need to be super-fast with your responses.


5.   Save Canned Hellos

While we hate the canned “how can I help you”, you can respond in super-fast time by saving a few responses. By saving them you can type the first few letters of a response and it will auto-fill the rest. With these canned answers though, be cool.


6. Be Cool

Never ever ever ever ever say “hi how can I help you”. It’s the least-interesting answer and will only encourage people to run away from your site. Come up with something clever, funny and original.


7.   Don’t Scare People Away

Just as people run away with a ‘hi, how can I help you’…they will also run away if you act like a high pressure agent—so again, be cool. Be informational. Give them truly insightful information that will make them think ‘hey, this guy/girl really knows what they’re talking about’. Also, be honest.


8.   Give it Time—and Practice

Your first few attempts at garnering leads in person surely didn’t work—and they won’t work online either. Give yourself time to figure out what works, and test out a number of approaches (funny, informative, low-pressure, etc.).



Use the page indicator to look at what page they are on–and chat to them about that. This will help your responses be significantly more helpful!

So—try out live chat. Don’t be intimidated, and give it some time to ‘figure out’.


Now use our live chat to figure out how you can get it on your website…FOR FREE!