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Why Buy a Real Estate Websites Canada Websites

Posted by robinkw on November 13, 2013
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Why Buy a Real Estate Websites Canada Websites

OK—get ready an onslaught of shameless self plugs for real estate websites.

But hey, at least we warned you. Not even Pepsi or Coke afford you that type of honesty.

So, on to the shameless nitty-gritty of why you need one of our Real Estate Websites Canada websites. To make this easy-to-skim so you can mosey on over to our product page—or get back to work—we’re going to use super-simple numbering. Thankfully, we’ve got 3 convenient tips on why you should use our websites:

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Real Estate Websites: Why We’re Better:

1. Our Real Estate Websites are Better

We said this would be shameless…but this isn’t the self-aggrandizing part yet. If you’ve somehow landed on this page then you’ve likely been shopping around for real estate websites. And if you’ve been shopping around, then you know exactly how good our websites are.


By using powerful WordPress themes (not to be confused with the limited ‘template’ options offered by our competitors) we are able to offer thousands of extremely powerful and dynamic designs. These designs won’t be used by throngs of your competitors, and they offer powerful, FREE tools that we are able to leverage. This means you get the look, feel and power of a custom-designed website, without the $6,000 price tag.


Should you doubt that we’re better, just compare us to the competition. If we don’t win on looks alone (not even counting the fact that we’re significantly cheaper) we’ll be surprised—but we’ll gladly recommend the top competitors in the business for you to scout a new site from. Heck, we’ll tell you now who they are: MCS, RealWeb, Incomm, MoneyMaker and TopProducer.


2. Our Real Estate Websites Pricing Model

We’ve turned the real estate websites pricing model entirely upside down. While other companies charge a monthly fee (which for most of our competitors is between $39.95 to $79.95 plus $100 to $299 setup fee), we only charge you for what you actually use. We don’t have free support (after the initial website is setup and you overwhelmingly approve it), so we charge $25 for a support incident. When you’re not paying anything monthly, paying for support once in a blue moon makes sense financially (and we’re so insanely, readily available—just ask us on our Live Chat…or call us….or email us).


This monthly fee charged by our competitors will run you between $480 to 960 EVERY year, which means our websites (which are a one-time fee of $2500) will pay for themselves in the first year….and this timeframe doesn’t even include the fact that they charge you a setup fee as well.


What we offer our customers is a chance to OWN their website instead of renting it, because when you leave many of our competitors—you don’t take your website with you. This is why you have to keep paying the monthly fee—until the end of time—because you’re renting. This makes no sense in the best of scenarios—but seriously, a real estate agent that RENTS?


3. Functionalities from our Real Estate Websites

 Don’t get in your mind that we’re cheap. Well, we are—but what we provide isn’t a cheap version.


We offer more functionalities than our competitors because we leverage a platform called WordPress, and WordPress has thousands of themes and tens of thousands of functionalities. And you can have any of these functionalities at no extra cost during initial installation. If you find a functionality that you want further down the line—you simply buy a service ticket to install it. (about 90% of WordPress functionalities can be installed easily, and for free—in which case a single support ticket would do it).


These functionalities, just to name a few, include: live chat, email marketing integration, CRM integration (so you can ditch the $50-a-month TopProducer), social media promotion tools, SEO tols, free QR codes for whatever website page you desire, click-to-call button, click-to-print button, click-to-email button integrated blog, and MORE.



If you find a functionality that they offer and we don’t have on offer on our website—just ask us. WordPress has tens of thousands of functionalities, and we can’t list them all or you would be bored (although quite frankly we’re just impressed you’re still reading).




Not convinced yet? ….Really? We offer more-professional websites, for cheaper, saving you thousands of dollars over the years, with all the top technologies that don’t cost you extra (aside from a possible $25 installation fee). If you want more than that…let us know, we might still be able to accommodate you.


So You’re Cheap—So What?


Hopefully none of you are saying this, as we’ve demonstrated why we’re top quality. But, if you are—give us a call. We’d love to have a friendly, informative discussion with you about how else we distinguish ourselves from our competition—and to answer any lingering questions you have.




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