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Nervous About Getting a New Website Design? Afraid It Won’t be as Good As you Hope?

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Welcome to our Free Try-Before-You-Buy program! With this promotion you can have us customize our Quasi Custom Website solution for you, then–when you love it, you purchase it!

Check out some of our current client examples to see some of the possibilities (however these sitesĀ are highly customized and reflect the likes of each client):


The Rules

The rules for this promotion are fairly simple…

  1. We customize your website for you–you then have one week maximum to review it and make any tweaks you’d like to see before purchasing it. After one week purchase is required to continue tweaking the site to your liking (because, we need to make some money at some point).
  2. Not available in combination with other offers.
  3. One month after we begin designing the site for you the first monthly payment will kick in (although most of our clients are ready to go live by that point).