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Real Estate Websites — So, you’ve decided to purchase one of our awesome, competition-crushing websites.

…now what?

If you haven’t called or emailed us yet about our real estate websites—then that’s your first step. From there the process will proceed as follows…


[one_half last=”no”]Minimum Development Time: 5 Days (Add 4 Days for DDF integration)[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]Maximum Development Time: 1 Month (Sorry for the ‘max time’–but we can’t offer more than a month  for revision periods as time extensions cost money)[/one_half]

note: the minimum time can be achieved by expressing exactly what you want in terms of theme customizations off the bat, and then offering revisions (your suggestions for small changes in the design) within 24 hours of receiving the installed theme.

The maximum time is in place as it becomes increasingly difficult to manage website projects that extend beyond three weeks in time (but we give you a month grace period), as the back-and-forth emails become time-consuming to the point that we would need to raise our prices to keep up with the costs–and we avoid doing that at all costs so that we can remain an affordable solution for Realtors.


Our Real Estate Websites: The Process

Our process and its steps are extremely important to us and our clients as lengthy phone calls between customers and web designers and unlimited amounts of revisions increase the cost of a website significantly. Extending the process truly does skyrocket the cost when you consider that web designers generally make $40+ an hour.

So, we like to make our customers aware of the purchasing and designing process in order to give them expectations and timelines that put them at ease and allow us to keep our price extremely competitive, just ask us for a quote.

Without further ado—here is our real estate websites process…

  1. We send you an invoice for the downpayment on the website, 50% (with the remainder due upon completion).
  2. You pay the invoice.
  3. We help you select the theme of your choice, or you send us a few websites that you like and we send you a few themes that are similar for you to choose from.
  4. Once we have your theme we’ll send you a specifications form (or call you) that will ask you questions like what do you want on your homepage, what pages you want created (although you can EASILY do this later), what functionalities you want (live chat, lead capture, CRM integration, etc.), etc.
  5. We discuss your branding concept.
  6. We then start the creative process. This generally takes about one week.
  7. Once we have installed the theme and customized all the elements you requested we send you the demo / mockup site and ask for your feedback. This round of revisions should cover essentially all the things you want changed. Note: this is your chance to tell us everything you want—and we only allow small changes after this step is finalized—so no telling us to start from scratch 😉
  8. We then make all the revisions you requested. The exception to the revision process would be any functionalities that require custom development. For that we would need to discuss the difficulty and extra costs involved. 
  9. We send the website back with all the revisions you requested, you give it the final thumbs up, and we send the final invoice.
  10. Once the final invoice is paid (woohoo! No Kraft dinner for us this week!) we publish the website live on your URL.
  11. We then give you instructions on how to use the website, including how to add website pages, blog posts, images and videos.


To recap this in a shorter explanation our real estate websites process goes like this:

  1. Initial invoice and payment
  2. Theme selection
  3. Customization specifications form
  4. Website creation — roughly one week
  5. Round of revisions –to be completed within one week
  6. Final thumbs up
  7. Instructions on how to use the website
  8. Pay the remainder of the invoice — due immediately after final thumbs up

After the website is finalized and completed you have a ton of optional services that you can begin leveraging at that point–from content and SEO, to analytics to social media to support. 



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