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Is Your Facebook Presence Weak and Not Delivering?

Is the last post on your business page from weeks or months ago? If you were a potential seller or buyer checking you out—what impression would you get? Are you not getting the engagement you want?


Perhaps it might be that you don’t understand the power of social media and are behind the times. Perhaps it is that you aren’t isn’t dedicated to real estate full time. Perhaps it would be that this person is selling too much real estate to post on social media—but the first two are more likely, and if it’s the latter, why isn’t this person hiring a social media expert?

Here at The Lead Gen Factory we have a social media expert that creates posts on your page that not only offer content, but engagement, thoughtfulness, and humour. They are based on keeping your engagement up so that when you make your own posts—people will actually be paying attention! Why this strategy? Because social media is meant be fun, entertaining and informational.

Why You Need Help…

#1  Increase your followers

 #2. Branding

#3. Establish yourself as an expert

#4 Increase Enagagement

$89 one-time setup fee

$50/month for one platform

$80/month for two platforms