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SEO for Realtors: The Hummingbird Update

Posted by robinkw on December 23, 2013
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SEO for Realtors — If you’re not heavily involved in website SEO optimization, blogging and the like then you amy not know that Google is constantly changes their algorithm. They often group a bulk of changes together and then give it a name. Previous changes included Panda and Penguin.

The newest group of changes is Hummingbird.

SEO for Realtors: The Hummingbird Update
The Hummingbird update to Google’s algorithm is largely based around semantic searching.

What this means for Realtors (and the rest of the online world) is that stuffing your website with keywords isn’t an effective strategy anymore. Google is now looking at the way people search, and trying to make the internet more friendly to them. What this means in tangible information is that they’re going to start giving higher relevant to long-tail keywords.

As far as professional online marketers can tell (because Google nearly clearly spells out what is in these updates, to keep us on our toes), this means that Google will start looking at your overall content on a page and on your website. They’re looking for a combination of keywords and semantic-based long-tail keywords

What It All Means
This means that all those emails you get promising to get you to “#1 on Google in 3 weeks” are worth even less than they were before (if that is even possible).

We’ve said it since we started—there is NO cheat for Google. The only way you can rank well in Google search results is still producing great content. This means you can’t simply drop “homes for sale in ___” into all your content, you need to create high-quality articles that are entirely focused around that keyword.

To be honest…it is simply a good idea to create great content—because who cares if you can attract people to your website with a keyword-stuffed article if it doesn’t showcase your expertise and professionalism. Without quality content nobody will call you. And if nobody calls you—you’re wasting your time (or money) writing content (or having it written for you).

The Other SEO for Realtors Tip: Google Authorship
The other element gaining importance with the Hummingbird update is that Google will give even more importance to Google Authorship. For more info on this read our post about Google Authorship here.

So—in conclusion, just keep rocking the rockstar-quality content and you’ll be fine.


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