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SEO for Real Estate Lead Generation


The Truth About Real Estate SEO for Real Estate Lead Generation

real estate lead generation and SEOHere’s where we say that, as real estate webmasters, we have the magic bullet solution to SEO. And that we’ve come up with a special-sauce technology that can catapult you to the top of Google and begin non-stop real estate lead generation.

…sorry guys–the gods at Google are far too smart for that. Also, the millions upon millions they put each year into their algorithm prevents SEO companies from ever developing a secret sauce for real estate lead generation. If a company even came close–Google would buy them (or at least organize a hostile take over).


So…where does that leave you?

Here comes the good news. The benevolent gods at Google have drawn us a roadmap on how to get your real estate website design successful at attracting visitors. It’s hard work, it isn’t magic and it doesn’t just happen. But we can help.

Why do SEO? Many agents aren’t familiar with real estate Search Engine Optimization–but the simple explanation is that it makes your site shiny enough to get Google’s attention. When you properly optimize for SEO you raise the ranks on Google, and get the traffic to your site you need to get website leads.



Real Estate Lead Generation SEO: What WE Do

Here’s another truth—SEO is an all-or-nothing game. People who ‘do a little SEO on their website’ never get anywhere. The only thing they accomplish is wasting their time, energy and money. You’ve likely already wasted your time, energy and/or money and gotten nowhere. You’ve probably even paid monthly for a real estate website design that promised you “SEO”. If you had gotten anywhere with real estate lead generation—well, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Our SEO approach is simple. We put time and effort into researching your locality’s current SEO profile. Specifically we use a ‘low-hanging fruit’ approach where we target smaller keywords with less competition…instead of the most competitive ones, like “homes for sale in X city”.

What this approach does, is it empowers us to more intelligently target the traffic that other agents aren’t spending thousands of dollars per month to target. If you’re thinking “but ‘homes for sale in X CITY’ gets 2,000 hits per month!’…this is true. BUT, if you combine tons of smaller keywords you can still target 1000s of hits per month—and you won’t have to work as hard to get it. This just a peek into our program of course, we couldn’t give away all of our lead generation secrets.

But before we optimize you for local website traffic we need to perform an initial assessment to see where you stand. This initial assessment will give us a baseline to begin, and a baseline to judge future success on. Of course success will take time, with effective SEO strategies beginning to show increases on Google within the first couple of months–but taking a sustained effort over time to continue raising up the ranks to get near the top of Google searches. The amount of time this takes will depend on the competition in your area–which becomes more competitive in larger cities, especially Toronto and Vancouver.


Did you know that an estimated 90% of SEO points come from high-quality content and high-quality inbound links?



The ‘SEO Package’ 

Since SEO for real estate lead generation is a good-big-or-go-home kind of game we won’t mess around with a small package that won’t get you anywhere. After all, if you wanted to throw your money away you’d go buy the new Justin Bieber album.  Our monthly package is designed to get you on a strategic track to SEO success…


Month 1: ‘The Plan’

For your first month we’re going to come up with a strategic plan, complete with action items and keywords that are based on your geographic area’s SEO profile. With this plan we will then begin to optimize any existing content that you have.


Month 2: The Traffic

Since 90% of ‘Google Juice’ (what we call your page-ranking power) comes from high-quality content and high-quality inbound links. So, that’s what we do. Here’s an example of an inbound link for a client we work with regarding Whistler homes for sale. In month 2 we create 10 pages of high-quality content designed to get Google’s attention and attract visitors. We then boost the ranking of those pages by directing at least 10 quality links at them.


Month 3: Lead Optimization

Now that you’ve got traffic trickling in—don’t want to waste that opportunity. In online marketing, getting the traffic to your website is half the battle. The other half is turning that traffic into leads. So, in this month—in addition to adding another few pages of content (to keep the content momentum going with Google)—we will optimize your real estate website design with a call-to-action strategy that will turn visitors into leads.


Month 4: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

In the 4th month and each month after that, we use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to determine the successes you’ve had. Once we’ve delivered you the report we can see which pages are getting the most traffic, how to best optimize to get more traffic, and how to best optimize to convert that traffic. We then use that information to shape a plan moving forward…all the while continuing content creation and inbound linking for real estate lead generationwith our webmaster skill.


Good SEO simply isn’t possible without using a numbers-based approach, which is why we are constantly using Google’s tools to evaluate successes and failures–and then use that information to fine tune our approach as real estate webmasters.

Interested in our real estate lead generation? Use the live chat button below—or email and let us know. We’ll then (virtually) sit down with you to figure out your goals, your previous efforts and how we can turn your real estate website design into a functional business tool.


“But XYZ Company promised me ABC real estate lead generation results for less money!”

…We’ll bet they did. But if they had delivered on those…then you wouldn’t be here. Unfortunately, SEO services are like The Great Wazoo…people can make any promises they want, while preying on a misinformed audience. Here at REwebsites, we use a results-driven approach to real estate lead generation through SEO. To prove our results (which might be slower than others are promising–albeit ours are truthful) we send periodic analytics-based reports based on quantitative results. If you have a provider that isn’t offering you quantitative reports on their  results…well, there might be a reason why.


Let our real estate webmasters do things the right way.