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How to Rock at Real Estate SEO

Posted by robinkw on May 7, 2014
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If you’ve been tanking at your real estate SEO then yowza have you come to the right spot! Our advice is simple: target the keywords with the lowest competition.

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How to Rock at Real Estate SEO: Target Keywords with the Lowest Competition

The major temptation with real estate SEO is to simply go for the biggest real estate keywords in your city, like “homes for sale in ___”. Makes sense right? After all, if you go for the keywords with the highest amount of monthly searches then you’ll attract the highest amount of visitors right?


Actually the above statement is false. Going for the real estate SEO keywords with the greatest monthly searches will generally have you wasting your precious SEO time, as they almost always have the most competition. Being on page 5 for “homes for sale in ___” (which may have 800 monthly searches locally) won’t get you near as much traffic as being on page 1 for “XYZ neighborhood” (which may have only 90 monthly searches). For example, we recently began SEO for a niche customer website, Brampton luxury homes, and we targeted a number of smaller keywords. This has turned into great traffic.


Another example of this low-hanging fruit strategy is for a mortgage broker that we do SEO for. By targeting smaller keywords (instead of “Vancouver mortgages”), like first time home buyers BC and self employed mortgages, we were able to get those pages significantly higher on Google.

Finding out which keywords have the least competition—and therefore the greatest chance of actually attracting real estate SEO traffic—is super easy (thanks Google!). You simply plug a few local real estate keywords into Google’s keyword tool


After inputting a number of local keywords it will spit out a whole bunch of creative ideas. One of the columns on the right will say “competition”, and if you click on this it will sort them from high to low competition, and vice versa. Sort the list to tell you which keywords have ‘low’ or ‘medium’ traffic—and target those. Those real estate SEO keywords are the proverbial low-hanging fruit and will get you MUCH bigger bang for your buck.


Simple huh?


If you could use a hand with a real estate SEO keyword assessment—don’t be shy to let us know…we can help. We have helped a number of agents–including a recent project we’ve been working on for The Wilding Team–who we have helped target niche keywords for Brampton luxury homes…which skyrocketed them to the top of the second page of Google in just over one month! (Which in ‘SEO time’ is extremely quick).