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Realtors and Pinterest

Posted by robinkw on April 12, 2014
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Most Realtors use Facebook as their primary social network—and that’s a smart decision….but don’t forget about the pretty new kid on the block: Pinterest!


Pinterest for Realtors

While most blogs on the internet are telling real estate agents to post listings and property pictures on Pinterest—nobody cares. Nobody is on Pinterest to look for homes for sale as you can’t sort it to accommodate a home search.


In our opinion, simply use it as a tool to reconnect with old clients, to help keep you in the forefront of their minds. Having your face in their face regularly will increase the likelihood that they think of you when they sell the home you sold them (and if you think that you don’t have customers who didn’t use you twice then you’re unfortunately likely mistaken). It will also make them think of you for any possible referrals thar come up.


Great—but now what? What can Realtors post on Pinterest if they aren’t posting listings?


What to Post on Pinterest

We’d recommend spanning a wide variety of categories with your ‘pins’, but focus on the following (many of which are oriented towards women are the ladies hold the majority share of Pinterest accounts):



  1. Parenting ideas and tips
  2. (DIY) Home decorating tips
  3. DIY home repairs
  4. Recipes
  5. Travel
  6. Education
  7. Cute animals (these are insanely popular on Pinterest—so don’t forget to pander to what the audience wants!)
  8. Wedding ideas
  9. Arts and crafts

10.Gardening ideas

11.Inspirational quotes



Keep in mind while you’re pinning ideas that your viewers are going to shape, at least part of, their opinion of you by your ‘Pinterests’. So keep things high-end, positive and inspirational—so that your viewers are inspired by your pins.