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Realtor Websites: 8 Things to Look For

Posted by robinkw on January 29, 2014
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Realtor websites are your best chance to make a first impression, to distinguish yourself…yadda yadda yadda. Insert any additional cliches that you can think of here. Since here at Real Estate Websites Canada we loathe vagueries we thought we’d just get right down to business and offer you tangible advice about what to look for in a website—even if it isn’t one of ours. Oh, and while you’re here…check out our websites (which are available a one-time fee of $2500).

Realtor Websites— 8 Things to Look For

So—without further preamble, fluff or crap, here’s the top things you should look for in realtor websites…


realtor websites bad example

…don’t do this. 

(And don’t do this either)

  1. Responsive Design Responsive design ensures that your website looks perfect across all devices. This is because it adjusts depending on the screen size—without looking stretched or like a shrunken head. Responsive design is an alternative to designing a specifically mobile website (which is a different version of your website for only smartphones), which is another excellent option…depending on your needs. Note that mobile websites may need to be updated in addition to the non-mobile version.
  2. Clean Lines Modern web design is all about clean lines that allow your visitor to be visually-impressed by your site—instead of scared away. They also empower the user to easily find the content they want.
  3. Flow Clean lines assist with proper ‘flow’. ‘Flow’ gives the users a place to begin looking, and then guides them through the website. This is accomplished by properly using element size and colours.
  4. Creativity and Uniqueness If you think that your website is the only realtor websites that your potential clients are going to, you’re quite mistaken. The average user will look at, at least, 10 realtor websites before they choose their agent. Make yours stand out with clever branding.
  5. Great Content The ‘wow factor’ visuals of your website will keep a user around for a few seconds—but you need to convince them to stick around (and hopefully call you!) with great content that offers them tangible advice. Avoid cheesy realtor fluff…they saw enough of that on the previous 9 Realtor websites they visited. Great content will also vastly help your SEO. If you have no idea what to write…we’ll scribe you some brilliance for $35/page.
  6. Features (click-to-call, live chat, etc.)So you hooked them in with your flash, kept them there with your content…but now what? Well, now you need features that help reel in the fish. These include things like click-to-call, live chat, email sign up for information they truly want, etc.
  7. Function
    Another element you want to look for is functionality. To give you an example, we worked hard on functionality for our website about condos for sale in Regina. This website has compare listings feature, a ‘favourite’ listings feature, advanced search functionality, call to actions and more.
  8. Integration You surely have at least five different types of technology—ideally you want them to all integrate together. A great example of this is to integrate your lead-capturing technology into your website, and then hook them both into your CRM. Zapier is a great technology to link together nearly every technology you have. Another way to integrate your existing technology and marketing into your website is to integrate your social marketing—so that when you post on your website it automatically pushes it out to your social networks.
  9. Lead Capturing The whole point of your website is to capture the users. So, use carefully-tuned lead-capturing forms and technology to help make the most of your website.


So—sounds good…but where can you find all these things? Well, prepare yourself for the shameless self plug—but with us.


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