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This is your chance to shine. Will you have a bio that makes them pick up the phone–or one that encourages them to move on to the next agent?

Your bio writeup is where people learn who you are, what you’re all about, any community or charity involvement you have, your experience and what your differentiators are.

We’ve seen agents with no bio, and too many with poorly formed or written bios. Is that first impression is worth $75? Absolutely.


After having a particularly rough experience in buying her first home, Sherry Black became dedicated to providing not only a smooth real estate experience but one that highlights the excitement of the home-buying process. Whether you’re buying your first home or downsizing to an easier maintenance lifestyle, the transitions of real estate should be thrilling–not petrifying.

Sherry’s goals as a REALTOR® is to move you from one stage in your life to the next, in a way that suits your family, budget and financial and lifestyle goals. By providing you with all the information necessary to make informed decisions that you feel confident about, she can help you achieve your goal–confidently. 

“I could not have been happier with Sherry. I sold my family home of 30+ years and I was extremely nervous about not only  the transition but also that I hadn’t made as many upgrades over the years as I realistically should have. She guided me the entire way, helped me find the right contractors to make a small amount of upgrades that increased the value of my home substantially (without breaking the bank!). Her happy demeanour, caring, patience (even if explaining things multiple times) made the process absolutely lovely! Thank you Sherry!!!” –John R. 

In addition to facilitating a smooth process and transition, Sherry’s


marketing is cutting edge; by employing elements like drone videos, HD photography, listing syndication, and Facebook advertising her listings sell quickly and for top dollar. 

When not working Sherry spends her time hiking the awesome trails of the Niagara Escarpment, and volunteering as a troop leader with the Girl Guides association. 

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When we created The Wright Team we had a singular goal in mind—to: create an environment where the needs of our clients’ are served as inclusively as humanly possible (and where we fall short our machines and software continue).

When Robert Wright entered the business he worked as a lone wolf, and did extremely well–winning platinum awards within his first three years in the business. But more importantly, he loved how many people he helped achieve their (real estate) dreams. The problem was he was capped in how many people he could help, which is when he started building The Wright Team.

Kim Ngyuen was the first to join the team, then Shawn Jones, then Laura Williams. Kim brings ample experience in real estate from her almost decade in the business. Shawn brings a forward-thinking, tech-savvy digital marketing knowledge set. Laura has 8 years experience as a licensed assistant–and is a critical part of the team as she empowers the agents to spend more time with their clients.

  • ROBERT: Robert’s 25 years in the business means not only does he have the knowledge that can only be learned by experience, but that can be passed down the chain to newer Realtors–helping them excel quickly (while having a mentor to ask the tough questions).
  • KIM: Kim brings a certification as an accredited senior sales representative, which helps our team make the transitions for downsizers and their families an easier process, and experience as a mortgage broker to help all of our teams’ clients get the right financing for their family.
  • SHAWN: Shawn’s background in technology and marketing, before coming to real estate and the team, has been incredible. From keeping our website on the butting edge to the top-notch social media marketing and advertising for ourselves and our clients–this team would not be the same without him.
  • LAURA: When Laura joined our team we rejoiced. Her experience as a licensed assistant is of course invaluable–but her infectious spirit not only makes us smile and laugh every day but also our clients. We would clone her a hundred times if we could. The world needs more Laura!

The combination of all the different experiences and skills has created a powerhouse team. And a true team it is, we aren’t individual agents under one umbrella–this

pexels-photo-1391373 (1) 2


is a team that helps each other in every way. Most importantly is that it delivers a united front, impeccable marketing and agents who are consistently available for our cherished clients.

While we work…a lot…we understand that life isn’t all work. It’s also community and connection, which is why we donate a portion of every commission and sponsor, help organize and volunteer at fundraising events for Feeding America. Because we firmly believe no child should ever go hungry. We’ve been blessed and want to help give that blessing on to others.

If you’re looking to buy or sell we would love to meet you–and you can find out if we’re right for you. You can hand select your point person or select the team as a whole, and we can sculpt a custom real estate purchasing or selling plan that’s exactly right for you and your family.