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Realtor 2014 Resolution: Get More Technology

Posted by robinkw on December 26, 2013
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Many of the Realtors we talk to—as a 2014 Realtor resolution or not—want to leverage technology better.

Great…but how?

To help you guys out, here’s a 2014 Realtor resolution crash course to Realtor technology…


Realtor 2014 Resolution: 3 Technology Tips

Here are a number of ways to get the leg up on your competition, technologically…


  1. Get a Better Website
    Those 90s template websites don’t cut it anymore. The idea of just ‘having a website’ doesn’t work. A bad website is worse than no website, because a bad website indicates poor marketing. And poor marketing is the sign of a poor agent. So, this year—finally get a website that actually represents you. It’s more affordable than you think. Our websites will actually save you money, as they cost $2500 one-time (+$120 for hosting annually), and then just $120 a year after that. This is for a custom-designed, custom-branded website that won’t be cookie-cutter. I you’re asking yourselves why we’re so cheap and don’t charge $600 a year—it’s because no one should. If you’re paying $50 a month you’re being ripped off, as that company does nothing for you. We don’t charge that because there’s no need—we charge you ($89.95), once, and then we move on (–and show you smarter ways to spend your money).Our websites don’t just give you a custom-branded and designed website though, they also offer cutting-edge features. This includes live chat, CRM integration, email-marketing integration and more.
  2. Email Marketing
    Speaking of email marketing for Realtors. 2014 is THE year to finally do it. It is so much easier than you think, and we have two low-cost solutions for you. Our first suggestion is MailChimp—which is a FREE platform (up to 2,000 contacts) that is highly intuitive and insanely easy to use. It is literally point-and-click, and has phenomenal graphics that offer super-professional results. other suggestion—and the better option—is to use BombBomb video email marketing. This type of email marketing leverages video, which means it is easier for Realtors to create as all they have to do is talk. And if you can’t ‘talk’–you’re in the wrong business my friend. Being able to create it easily yourself is 1,000 times better than paying a company to send canned, irrelevant content (which is another ‘why bother’ technology). BombBomb isn’t free…but if you spend money on one technology this year….give serious consideration to this. 
  3. Social Media Market BETTER
    The backbone of a social media marketing campaign is having a helpful place to forward them to (as your posts aren’t enough to convince the online public that you’re legit)…aka your website (which is the backbone of ALL your marketing). 
    To improve your social media marketing you likely need to improve your engagement, but that advice could fill 1/5600th of the Encyclopedia Britannica. To get a good start click here for some great social media marketing engagement tips.


For more tips, on being a Realtor 2014, check out our other blog posts—or contact one of our sales reps today.



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