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Why you Need our Real Estate Websites–and US!

Don’t think we can help with your real estate websites? Pfft…wanna bet? No, literally—we need the money.

Rewebsites Canada helps its customers with their real estate websites, while building their online—and offline presences (ask us how we manage that!)–over the long term. Curious the ways that we help? Well, off the tops of our heads we can think of 27 reasons you need us….


  1. We get your mobile. (click here to see more about our mobile sites)
  2. We get you started on QR codes. (free with our websites!)
  3. We improve your professional image with a stylish website and stellar content.
  4. We improve your listing presentation by offering you a unique platform to promote your property—and not with the terrible, space-constrained MLS profile.
  5. FREE easy-to-use lead-capturing technology.
  6. FREE easy-to-use CRM-based customer and lead management.
  7. One-button integration with your social media marketing (Facebook yo!).
  8. With SEO help.
  9. Canadian-style customer service “you first”…”oh no, you first”…”oh no, your first—I insist”
  10. With our ATTENTION-GRABBING content.
  11. With our integrated blogging.
  12. With our Google Analytics and Google Webmaster integration.
  13. By helping you get on Facebook (it’s never too late!).
  14. With the technologies you crave—like click-to-call buttons and Live Chat.
  15. Unlimited content—because you may have a lot to say!
  16. With your entire branding strategy—from branded email accounts to marketing materials.
  17. By guiding you with our knowledge (and like McDonald’s smiles—that’s free).
  18. Low costs.
  19. An easy-to-use Content Management System—that yes, even you can use (you know who you are).
  20. Post-website-creation tutorials that teach you how to use the technology (again and again if you need it).
  21. Virtual tour encouragement.
  22. Video marketing empowerment.
  23. IDX integration (if you want it—although have a chat with us about it first, it may not be all you thought it was)
  24. Listing write-ups so that your listing information looks super-professional.
  25. Blogging. We do it for you—so that you don’t have to.
  26. We mow your lawn. (Just checkin’ if you’re paying attention).
  27. We’re fun to work with. (If you doubt the value of this then just think of your last customer service experience with Bell or Rogers).


If you’re curious about what we can do for you to build your real estate websites or online presence…or you really do need someone to mow your lawn—give us a shout. 

To see how little it will cost you to move to one of our websites–with no expensive monthly fee like our here.


Author: Robin