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Real Estate Websites: Why Are We Cheap?

Posted by robinkw on December 21, 2013
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We hear this question all the time, why are your real estate websites so cheap? Sometimes it is accusatory in tone, other times inquisitive. If you’re wondering why we offer customized websites for $2500 and no monthly while other companies are charging $1,000+ to set them up and then a monthly fee. And they do a good job—and so do we, so why are we cheaper?


Well, there’s a number of elements that contribute to our price…

Why Our Real Estate Websites Are Cheap


  1. We’re Still Young

    We’ve only been around about 8 months (at the time of writing), which means we haven’t grown too big for our britches. We took Steve Jobs’ advice to heart, to “Stay young. Stay foolish”. And we’re just that, young and foolish—but excellent web designers, and quite frankly fun people to do business with.


    Having said that however, we don’t promise to stay at $2500 forever (but if you purchase a website at today’s price of, then that isn’t of concern to you).

  2. Because We Can

    We’re apparently young and foolish enough to not gouge our customers with $600+ in yearly fees—because we don’t need to. We don’t have the overhead of a fancy office, proprietary software or fancy suits.


    We just need enough money to buy beer and Kraft Dinner.


  3. Because We Think Differently

    We don’t want you to not spend money on online marketing. We just want to show you how to spend it smarter. Don’t spend money on ‘hosting’ which should cost you less than a hundred dollars a year, instead spend that on customized branding, drip marketing campaigns, SEO and rockstar content that defines your expert status.


    That’s where we come in. We offer all the ancillary services—which is where we make our money. So, instead of charging you for nothing (‘hosting’)–we charge you for services that put you above the competition AND you also get a customized website that, in our humble opinion, is far superior to simple template websites.

  4. Because We Didn’t Reinvent the Wheel

    We didn’t develop a multi-million-dollar platform, because all the tools we need are already available—for free. We’re an aggregator of technology, and we charge you to put them in a nice package with a pretty bow. Then we customize the heck out of it.


    For example, we use the widely-used free WordPress platform to build our websites on. It has thousands of free plugins (literally-named technology that plugs smaller software into it) that offer a nearly-endless amount of features and functionalities. By using this platform, and the software that works with it we’re able to offer free live chat, free lead-capturing and more.

    To break that down even further…the live chat software we use plugs in to your WordPress website. It’s called Zopim. It’s free for a single user (if you want more users its $14.99 a month), but is an extremely powerful and intuitive platform that sends live chat requests from your website to your smartphone via their app. It also offers a web dashboard that allows you to look at users based on analytical data that it collects. It’s an extremely powerful tool—and it’s free. And we don’t charge you anything…even though we could.


    We’re nice like that. 🙂



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