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Real Estate Websites: Trade Proactive Cold Calling for Reactive Lead Collecting

Posted by robinkw on November 9, 2013
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Real estate websites should be marketing tools that run in the background and continually gather leads—while you do other things. This type of reactive lead collecting is how top producers keep their title. You’re probably rolling your eyes by now–”Duh!”.

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 So, how exactly does one reactively let the leads roll in?

In an ideal world, you’d simply put up real estate websites and set-it-and-forget it like it’s a late-night informercial food processor. In real world, you need a website that first attracts web surfer’s attention—and then compels them to contact you (from there you’ve got to rely in your real-world awesomeness).


How to Attract Web Surfers to your Real Estate Websites: SEO or PPC

There are two primary, online ways to attract people to your website, Search Engine Optimization marketing and Pay Per Click advertising. We don’t deal with offline methods of drawing attention to your website here, but stay tuned for more info on that (hint though: QR codes and putting your web address on all your marketing materials).


  1. SEO
    SEO is a way of attracting attention from Google in order to get it to put you high up in search results so that people will click on your site when they search for homes or realtors in your area. So, put some fishnets and garters on your website and send Google a late-night text. Or, SEO-ify your website. 

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  1. PPC
    Pay Per Click advertising is a way to skip SEO but get the traffic anyways. You simply buy the love from Google. But, before you go buying Google’s love with AdWords, know that you need a compelling website that will turn that traffic into customers (or you’re spending your money on nothing).



Real Estate Websites: How to Compel them to Action

Compelling customers into action is the hard part of course. And not everyone visiting your website is ready to contact a Realtor yet—but hey, at least they’ve got your name in their head already. For the perentage of your traffic that are in the Realtor-contacting phase already, doing the following things will greatly improve your conversion rate (how many surfers turn into customers) with the following:


  • Make a rockstar website that will immediately grab their attention and hold it for at least a few seconds. This website will need to be significantly better than your competitors, offer want-to-watch videos and offer them interesting content right off the bat.
  • Offer them tons of ways to contact you—on every page. This includes live chat, email, phone number and social media profiles.
  • Use analytics to determine surfer’s behaviour, including: bounce rate (how many people take one look at your website and leave immediately), favourite pages (the ones they spend the most time on), pages that users are likely to leave after, etc. This info is a goldmine and is free with a free Google Analytics account.
  • Use takeaways on your website like a “2013 YourCity Real Estate Market Report” available by download only (so they have to give you their email), a listing with more information than is available on MLS but still has a hold that they have to call you to find out, a free offer available if they call you, etc. Unfortunately we can’t give you the answer here because it needs to be something unique to you—that you’re willing to offer.


All of the above advice hinges on having a professionally-done website that offers all the tools that you need. Not-so-coincidentally—ours do. And they’re just $2500.


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