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Real Estate Websites: How to do SMART SEO—in 2 EASY Steps

Posted by robinkw on November 11, 2013
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When it comes to real estate websites and online marketing—SEO is your BFF. But before we throw yet another TLA (three-letter acronym), let’s cover what SEO is for anyone who isn’t halfway to becoming an online marketing guru. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ‘tweaking’ you do to your website to get Google to show it some love. When you optimize your website you’re making it easier for Google to find you, and convincing them why they should display your website above others. 

The two primary pillars of real estate websites SEO (there’s a thousand other tiny elements but trust us—you’ll thank us for boiling it down to the two elements that represent 95% of SEO) are keyword-optimized content and inbound links.


Real Estate Websites Smart SEO: Inbound Links

Inbound links are links from other websites, pointing at your website. Google puts a high value on them because they think ‘well hey, if other people think this content is so good that we should send our viewers to it—then it must be pretty good’. Makes sense right? Well understanding it is the easy part. The hard part is actually getting people to link to your website.

Waiting for people to naturally discover your content and link to it isn’t exactly a ‘breath-holding’ strategy. But we’ve got two solid strategies to suggest: asking for links and guest posting.

Asking for links is exactly what it sounds like, you ask people to link to your site. This strategy works best if you ask your close network of friends, colleagues and partners, because Google gives the most link juice to local websites that have been around for a while. So, ask your favourite mortgage broker, moving company, cleaning company, etc., to link to you. Beware though, don’t exchange links—Google knows all about this and it may penalize you for it. If someone wants something in exchange for the link, offer them something other than a link from your site, like perhaps putting their flyer in your office, recommending their services to your colleagues or giving them a social media shout-out.

The second strategy is guest posting on blogs. When you guest post you get a short author bio and a link to your website. When searching for blogs to post on, look for local blogs preferably (although national ones are good too!), a local newspaper’s online counterpart, a local mommy blog, a home design blog, etc.


Real Estate Websites Smart SEO: Keyword-Optimized Content 

The other thing that Google will love you for is for having high-quality, 100% unique content—filled with keywords that help its algorithm understand exactly what your content is about.

Writing high-value content is difficult for some—so never fear, you can always just pay us to do it for you (for just $35 per page). We’ll pick the highest-value keywords, write the content and upload it to your website. If you’ve got Google Webmaster installed on your website we’ll even give Google a poke to tell them that you’ve got new content on your site!

If you want to try writing it yourself—kudos! After all, who knows your business better than you. We’ve still got your back. Here’s enough blog topics and keywords to keep you busy for a year:

Free blog topics for realtors. (Click the words)

Free keywords for real estate agents. (Click the words)

You’re welcome.

Another super-awesome free tip from us is to ditch your IDX and begin uploading your own, hand-written listings. They will get you far more attention from homebuyers in your area while giving you plenty of SEO juice. Click here to read our article on why you should ditch your IDX.


If you’re ‘going it alone’, here is our one final tip. Install the Yoast! SEO plugin. It will show up on every blog post, and at the hit of one button you can know how to better the SEO of that specific piece. It’s like an SEO samurai standing over your shoulder….and IT’S FREE!

We love free (in case you hadn’t noticed).

You’re still reading? Unbelievable (but thanks!). Be sure to hop on over to our other blog posts—they offer equally as brilliant advice. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the websites we make—we bet you three Candy Crush lives that ours are better AND cheaper than what you’ve got now! 

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