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Real Estate Websites SEO: What we REALLY Do (And what YOU May be Doing Wrong)

Posted by robinkw on April 28, 2014
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Real estate websites SEO is a term that’s bantered about like a bunch of school girls talking about Justin Bieber. It’s thrown around a lot, agents know they love it and need it—but nobody knows how to get their hands on it.

 real estate websites SEO

Every real estate websites company says their websites are “SEO-friendly” or “SEO-optimized”….but what does that mean? For a website to be ‘optimized’ at the get go, it simply needs a few keywords input into key areas. This is important—but it doesn’t actually get you anywhere. SEO is an on-going venture, and putting keywords into the website’s site title and meta tags is bout .05% of the effort. SOOOO….don’t be fooled by ‘SEO-ready” websites.


Where Your Real Estate SEO is Going Wrong

We see the same issue everyday when it comes to real estate websites SEO, agents have websites that are ‘SEO-optimized’ (or another buzzword) but that use duplicate content. Duplicate content is punishable by death from Google. Not your death—but your website’s. Google doesn’t index duplicate content. Well, it will but you’ll be FAR down the list. So, if, like many agents, you’ve been using the large repository of content available from many real estate websites companies—it hurts you more than it helps you.


Our Real Estate Websites SEO Answer

We are regularly asked if we have a repository of free content available and our answer is no. We don’t do it. We could, it’s easy—but it’s such a big mistake we don’t want our agents using duplicate content.


Aside from the negative SEO you get from duplicate content, it also isn’t impressive to your users. When all the websites they look at has the same generic content and advice there is no differentiator. Be original. Spend a couple of hours one day sculpting some area-specific, you-specific content. If you don’t have the time but you’ve got a few Scheckles you can pay us to write the content for you.
real estate websites SEO

Our SEO Tool

We want our agents to have the best SEO they can—and SEO is measured 70% by original, SEO-friendly content, 15% by inbound links (these numbers are a rough guess as Google hides the exact formula behind 117 Navy Seals)  and the remainder by a number of other factors.


Since your content is the biggest indicator of how your website will do we include a tool in our websites that will analyze every page and tell you if you’ve done great, good, ‘meh’ or absolutely terrible with your SEO on that page. It can also analyze the website and homepage overall at the click of a button.


If you’re thinking ‘well gee, that sounds like a lot of work’ …it IS. But SEO IS WORK. Anyone who tells you they have a secret weapon that will give you great SEO without work…beware.


Hey—we’re being honest here. If you want us to lie and say that we can create a website that will get you to rockstar-SEO level at the click of a button…we can do that too (but only if you ask us nicely).


For a demo of how our SEO tool works, use the live chat below or book a website demo on our homepage.