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Reasons NOT to Buy One of our Custom-Branded Websites

Posted by robinkw on December 14, 2013
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Our Real Estate Websites–Why Not?

While most people immediately resonate with what we’re doing (selling instead of renting websites, like our competitors) there are a few people who push back with excuses not to buy one of our websites. And since we’ve got nothing to hide—here they are!


Real Estate Websites Rejection Reason 1: It’s Too Much Money

We rarely hear this excuse as our websites are very affordably priced at $2500 for a custom-branded website that doesn’t use the same template as 37% of your competitors. The reason why is that the average agent is spending $50 per month on their current website solution. That’s $600 each and every year. So, within one year your website begins paying for itself multiple times over, as you’ll pay $600 a year with them until the end of time (or the end of the internet, or your career). Even if you’ve negotiated a lower price at, say $35/month—that’s still $420 a year. That’s over $4,000 over a decade…for a template website.

When we break the costs down like we did above most agents nod in agreement that our solution is the more economical one over the long-term. But, what if your money is currently tied up in other marketing ventures? No worries, we still love you—and we still want your business, which is why we created out payment plan. You can pay your website off at $100 a month until it is paid.
For more info on our payment plan, click here.


Real Estate Websites Rejection Reason 2: I Don’t Have Time

You don’t need it. We do most of if for you. All you have to do is look at the design throughout and choose from a list of options we send you how you want your site customized.

For more information on the process, click here.

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Real Estate Websites Rejection Reason 3: I Don’t Want to Mess With What’s Working

Hmm…is it working? Agents are often surprised when they look at how little traffic and leads their website actually sends them. If you’re saying now “but the current website vendor has a lead-generation program where they send me leads”…. oh ya? How many have they sent you? The truth is that once agents start doing the math on their current solution—it isn’t working as well for them as they think.


Real Estate Websites Rejection Reason 4: I Like __(example)__ Service that my Current Provider Offers

We’ll admit that some of our competitors do offer some great services to their clients, like website content, email-marketing tools, blogging, etc. But guess what—so do we. But, we’ve partnered with some amazing emerging technologies to offer these services (most of these partners’ solutions are FREE!). For example, instead of having a built-in email-marketing platform like one of our main competitors does—we integrate MailChimp into your website—a highly interactive, multi-million-dollar tool that is offered to you free. We also work with a phenomenal Live Chat platform called Zopim—which is also free (unless you’re a brokerage and want multiple agents—then it is $14.99 per month) and we can integrate into your website. You then download the free Zopim app to answer incoming chats. Zopim even offers visitor insights and powerful analytics tools that give you great insights on who is visiting your site.

We’ve chosen to align ourselves with technology companies like the above because let’s face it—it is what they DO. They all only do one thing but they do it extremely well and they can build more powerful solutions (with their millions of users) than real estate websites companies ever will.

Reason 5: What’s YOUR excuse?

If you’ve got a reason not to use us that we haven’t included in this list we’d love to hear it! You can live chat with us using the widget below, or email us at