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Real Estate Websites Marketing: How to Create a Neighbourhood Landing Page

Posted by robinkw on November 24, 2013
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Here at Real Estate Websites Canada we like to approach marketing with the easiest approaches—that have a big bang. So, instead of fighting a congress of agents all fighting over “homes for sale in Randomville”, find more-targeted keywords that have less competition.

The best ancillary keywords to target are names of popular streets, neighbourhoods, communities, buildings and complexes in your city. Our favourite—creating neighbourhood landing pages. They earn great SEO juice, or ‘Google juice’ as we call it.


Real Estate Websites Marketing: How to Create a Neighbourhood Landing Page

Neighbourhood landing pages are all about content, which includes original text, images and videos. The pictures and videos are relatively easy enough—not to mention we simply can’t help you with these. What we can help you with is the content.

Below we’re going to tell you how to write successful neighbourhood landing page content—but you can always hire us to write it for you if you’re too busy, or simply loathe writing.


The best and easiest way to approach neighbourhood profiles is to break it down into sections. To give you a basic breakdown your profiles should include elements like these:

1. Intro

In your intro you give them a little teaser about the neighbourhood and a couple of its highlights. You’ll also want to put some media front and centre, whether it be a picture or a video. Adding a Google Maps display will earn you bonus points, and if you already have it installed on your real estate websites then it will be a breeze.

2. The Must-Knows

While you still have their attention you’ll want to express the must-knows of the neighbourhood, like the things that only locals know—like the best trails, shops, business opportunities, parks, entertainment, etc.. After the ‘fluffy’ stuff it would be in your interest to provide some reasonably high-level analysis of real estate in the neighbourhood—including market data, price points, investment growth rates, etc. This is also a great time to insert a contact form or your contact information should they have a question. 

3. Extras

Now that you have all the important information out of the way you can share some non-critical stuff, like links to businesses or services in the neighbourhood, Walk Score, a local business directory, school information, etc.

Sounds easy enough, right? Great. We wish you the best of luck—but if you get stuck, you can always give us a call to hire our writer to create the content for you. It may be worth the $35 to get the task off your plate!
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