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Real Estate Websites Marketing: Liven Up Direct Mail with QR Codes

Posted by robinkw on January 6, 2014
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Real Estate Websites Marketing Tip:

Have you ever felt like your direct mail campaign is lacking? Lacking results. Lacking measurability. Lacking connection to your overall marketing?
Well, it could be missing an online connection. An online connection from direct mail to your online presence could be the missing link—a link that could not only offer your direct mail an extra kick but also drive the engagement that it so desperately needs.


So—let’s put some verbs in our sentences with these real estate marketing tips…


Real Estate Marketing Tip: How to Liven Up your Direct Mail Campaign with QR Codes

Let’s jump right into our real estate marketing tips to supercharge your existing direct mail marketing campaign…

  1. Why
    The ‘why’ is simple…direct mail marketing is expensive—which means it needs to net results. And of course, it does…but, those results can always be better. The ‘why’ is simply that if you could improve your existing marketing, easily—why wouldn’t you?
  2. How to
    The ‘how’ is the hard part. OK—it isn’t really that hard. One of the best ways to connect your offline marketing efforts with your online marketing efforts is to use QR codes. They can turn your static printing into a video, interactive website or other digital venture at the click of a smartphone button.Oh ya—back to the ‘how to’. If you’re already a client of ours, simply tell us you want QR codes. For a $25 support ticket we will install a QR code generator that will create a QR code for every website page, blog post and your homepage. You can then, at the click of a button have a QR code for whatever page you want your visitors to see, whether it include a bio, testimonials, videos or other form of content. If you aren’t a customer yet—it’s about damned time! We’ve been waiting for you…welcome home 🙂
  3. Find a Gimmick
    So, adding a QR code to your direct mail is all well and good—but that doesn’t mean anybody will take their Samsung out of their pocket and scan it. Pick some sort of gimmick that will get them to scan the code. This can be the promise of an actionable Local Area Real Estate Market Report, a link to your video, the potential for a free trip to Vegas—the promise of free candy, or what have you.
  4. Have a good website to back it up
    Before you go rushing out putting QR codes on everything from your direct mail to your business cards to the rear door of your hatchback—know that you need something to link to. If you don’t have a great website, get one of our custom websites for just $2500 (less than the cost of a single mailer!), or post a video on YouTube that they can link to. Don’t link to poor, generic content or a dated website—trust us, that won’t help!


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