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Real Estate Websites: The Importance of Google Authorship—not JUST a Pretty Picture

Posted by robinkw on December 13, 2013
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Have YOU added Google Authorship to your real estate websites? You should!

If you’re doing SEO then Google Authorship is a no-brainer, it gives you a much-needed SEO boost by establishing your credibility as a real live person and as an active internet participator. The only catch is that you do need to actively contribute to the internet, at least somewhere. (Authorship also adds a little picture next to your website on Google search results!)

The great part about Google Authorship is that is helps your overall SEO plan—especially if you’re guest blogging (which you should be if you are actively participating in your SEO). If you don’t know what guest blogging is, it means writing blog posts for other similarly-minded blogs on the internet. It gives you a link back to your site while establishing you as an authority in your real estate area. Our best suggestions for guest blogs are on local mortgage broker sites, on your brokerage’s site and any other established site (the better they’re doing in Google search results the better for you!). Guest blogging, and then adding that blog to your Google Plus profile will establish you as an author. Then when you add Authorship to your website Google will recognize you as an active industry leader and give you an SEO boost. You’ll also get high-quality backlinks from your guest blogging—which is even more brownie points from Google.

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Google Authorship for Real Estate Websites—A How To
Setting up Google Authorship is easy. The first step is to create a Google Plus profile if you haven’t already. The next step is to add your website and its blog to the list of your “Contributor” sites. You then add any blogs that you guest post on to your list of “Contributor” sites. This will establish you as a Google Author. You then need to add the following code to your website:


  <a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>

For more help on doing that, you can read this Doc on Google.

So, the process is two steps:

  1. Add your website to your Google Plus profile page under contributor.
  2. A a link from your Google Plus page to your website and any websites you contribute to.

Once you’ve done that you’ll get your picture displayed in search results and the SEO boost you were hoping for.

If this all sounds too confusing (after all—who the heck knows how to put code into a website?)….never fear, we’re here. Purchase one of our Simple Support Tickets for $25 and we’ll do it for you 🙂
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