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Real Estate Websites Canada: Who We Are / Who Are We?

Posted by robinkw on January 24, 2014
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When we approach people about our real estate websites Canada the usual response is something along the lines of ‘who the heck are you guys’?

Fair question.


Who ARE we? The truth is we’re nobodies in the business—so far. We don’t have the reach or the huge client base of our ‘competitors’ (although we really don’t have competitors in what we do) and we haven’t been around for a decade like everyone else. But we kinda like that.


We’re new. We’re hip…and most importantly—we’re different. There are a number of distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from our ‘competition’…


  1. We SELL Websites—Not Rent Them You’re a Realtor. If you’re not—then what the heck are you doing here? Just kidding—we’ll love you anyways. It is silly for Realtors to RENT anything, so why are you renting your website? The simple reason is that people want their website auto populated with MLS listings…and our competition charges monthly for this. This is renting your website as the second you stop paying—you’re kicked out on your keester.Instead of charging you monthly, we charge you to setup your customized website (better than our templated competition…and you know who you are!) and setup your MLS listing feed—and charge you once. Why do we charge you once and not monthly? Why not—it doesn’t cost us anything monthly to ‘feed’ your feed…this happens automatically.But don’t worry—we have other elements that we can charge you for in the future (all are optional of course), including technology training, website improvements (new technologies come out every month…and we help you stay on top of them), support and hosting ($120 annually).Having said all that–we do actually rent some websites. We offer a series of managed website solutions that are rented monthly as a lead-generation solution. We build the websites, we maintain them, we do all the SEO and online marketing. You simply get the leads. One example is for a niche website about condos for sale in Regina. This is one of many condo websites we run that we rent out monthly.
  2. We Offer Customized Websites We create our websites based on WordPress themes. These are leaps and bounds above our competition and their templates, as templates are a ready-to-go website that they insert your name and picture into. Themes are powerful frameworks that allow you to move things around, add other things, remove elements and add pages at your whim. Now…our websites aren’t 100% custom-built (custom websites are anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000+), they are just customized to contain the available elements of your liking.
  3. Variety When we say that we use ‘themes’…there are almost 10,000 themes available—and this number grows daily. Not only does this offer you greater opportunity when choosing the design you want (and by the way these themes aren’t simply templates in 37 different colours schemes!…each of the 10,000 themes has different colour schemes available) but it also helps ensure that 89 other agents in your city won’t be using your theme. Note: we don’t guarantee nobody will ever select your theme again for their website…but the odds of another of the 100 agents in your city choosing the exact theme you chose out of the 10,000 + themes would be relatively rare.
  4. Our Websites are Modular Our websites don’t have to be set it and forget it solutions. We have modular technologies where we can add additional functions as they become available on the market. And by the way, the WordPress ‘market’ is open to every developer in the world and new functionalities are being released every single day (although you won’t like all of them of course).
  5. We’re InexpensiveAllow us to take a moment to say that we’re inexpensive (currently), but we’re not cheap. We offer cutting-edge designs that are super-professional and unique, but we do it for a low price. There’s no expensive monthly fee, as all our service fees are optional—and will help you continue to build your website….because heck—technologies progresses DAILY.

Hmm…You Sound Too Good To Be True

If you’re thinking that we’re too good to be true—know that nothing is perfect. We don’t offer every single feature our competition does (although we do offer a few that they don’t), we aren’t perfect and can’t offer every single feature you want and/or design a website idea from scratch/specifics (you’ll need to buy a custom website for thousands of dollars for that). What we do deliver is a super-professional website that looks like the custom ones…for a fraction of the price—and without an expensive monthly payment.


Curious? Give us a shout for more information—or poke around on our website a lil further.



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