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Real Estate Websites Branding: Personality Makes a Difference

Posted by robinkw on December 9, 2013
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When we ask our customers what they want for their personal branding for real estate websites we often get ‘whatever’ or ‘whatever you think is best’. And while we do ‘our best’ with a zero branding budget—coming up with an idea, plan and execution won’t be effective without some guidance from the master of your brand…you.

real estate websites branding

real estate websites branding


You are the only person who can create your brand. At the very least you need to provide guidance on what you want your brand to be. For example, will you be THE condo realtor in X city? Will you be the ultimate first-time homebuyer agent? Are you a generalist with decades of experience?

What ARE the elements of personal branding when it comes to online real estate branding? 


Real Estate Websites Branding

There are a number of elements involved in creating a successful online real estate websites brand, including:


1. Expertise

Your online brand needs to establish you as an expert in your field and/or niche, after all, you wouldn’t buy stocks from a mall kiosk. People want to buy investment from experts—so be one. Establishing yourself as an expert means creating a website entirely centred around your niche. It should include multiple pages of content offering tangible advice to your potential buyers and sellers, a blog with continual advice and market reports and an air of professionalism that instills faith in you from your viewers.


2. Personality

Your personality IS your brand as an agent, so display that prominently on your website. If you’re numbers-oriented and serious, display that. If you’re a social person who can talk easily with people and hold their hand through the process—then do that on your website. Don’t hide your personality traits because your potential customers may call—but they won’t stick around once they realize you aren’t the person they found online. Sincerity goes a long way, and you’ll find plenty of people that align with your modus operandi.


3. Across-the-Board Materials

Your real estate websites brand needs to serve as a contact point for your potential customers in that every time they see or interact with your brand it instills the same message. So, design your website to match the existing marketing materials you’ve spend thousands of dollars on—or vice versa. This means the same branding, colours, fonts, designs and advice across your website, print materials and social media channels.


4. Visual

For people to notice your brand it needs to be visual. This means a clean and simple logo and beautiful web design.


5. Humour

Humour goes a long way in getting people to remember you and to pick up the phone, so try to keep your brand reasonably light (if you have the personality that suits).


Hopefully you’ve come up with some great ideas to identify yourself and your brand. For help executing on that plan across your website, print materials and social profiles—get in touch with us today.  

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