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Real Estate Website Tip: Can I just Buy a WordPress Theme and Upload it?

Real Estate Website Tip: Can I just Buy a WordPress Theme and Upload it?

Nope—thank god.


If using WordPress were THAT easy we’d all be out of jobs.


While WordPress provides a powerful platform with rich, customizable, feature-rich themes. Those themes aren’t plug-and-play solutions. There is hours upon hours of backend stuff to get done, including setting the theme to look like the demo (you should see the hot mess they start out as), creating site hierarchy, setting SEO, creating menus, adding images, creating graphics, setting sliders, adding content, and on and on. As an example, we created a website in Regina real estate, regarding condos for sale in Regina. This website leveraged a number of design elements included, but don’t simply turn on–they need to be customized, designed and branded. We also had to add a ton of functionalities not included in the base theme, like call to actions, listing information and more.


So WordPress is Hard to Use? (Bad News?)

WordPress is an extremely easy to use system when you are simply uploading listings and blog posts. To do the design stage however takes more time and knowledge than you likely have (if you knew how to do it you wouldn’t b reading this). This however is why WE have jobs.


So, the short answer to if you can simply buy a WordPress theme and upload it on your website to create a great real estate websites—the short answer is no. It isn’t that easy.


To learn how to use WordPress for design purposes, you would need to spend a couple hundred hours in class to learn how to create what you want. Our highly-recommended alternative, is to just pay us the $2500.


But What About Website Builders?
If someone recommended a real estate website builder, we implore you to ask them two questions….how well did it turn out? (this one you can see for yourself) and how long did it take you?

Unless they’ve done it before, it likely took them at least a few days to put together, and the results aren’t comparable to what we can provide.


Our advice is to leave web design to the pros—just as we leave important real estate advice to the pros. We’re all experts at something, but your expert status lies in lucrative real estate. Sadly ours, lies in staying-home-in-your-mom’s-basement software manipulation.


Hop on over to our real estate websites portfolio page to see exactly how well we design websites, which will help you understand why it is just simply worth it to pay us the $2500 to create your site (which you then own forever and pay nothing else on except for yearly hosting).


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