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Real Estate Website Support — Here at Real Estate Websites Canada we’re small, we’re niche and we’re cool—but we’re not the ‘cool kids’. We’re geeks who like websites, anything technology, and people. And we’re good with all of them. If you haven’t seen our offering yet–click here. Click here to find out how good we are at it.

You can ALWAYS email us at with your support questions.


Our primary focus is on creating stunning websites the separate Realtors from their competition. But our secondary focus (a close second!) is customer service and support. For our support we’ve carefully-chosen a per-incident support-ticket payment model—which you will see below is cheaper and more effective.


Now, having said all that—keep in mind that all our websites come with step-by-step instructions on how to use your websites to create pages, posts, listings and upload media like pictures and video. We also show you how to use the bells-and-whistles we’ve installed—for free—like Live Chat (which is an easy-to-use app). So, the need for support is minimal with most agents, although many busy agents use us to upload their listings and write their blog posts for them! It’s outsourcing—but still here in Canada. We’ll even say “eh” (probably accidentally) when you’ve got us on the phone.


Beyond the Initial Real Estate Website Roll Out: Now What Kind of Real Estate Website Support Will I Get?
We’re always here for you—of course. We’re available via LiveChat, over the phone, via text and by email. Everything but snail mail. However, as you have no expensive monthly fee like our competitors (which range from $50-$120 per month) to pay we don’t offer free support past the initial implementation. If you want to make alterations to the website after the website is created and everything is finalized, then you can refer to the easy step-by-step instructions we emailed you about how to use WordPress, or you can purchase a service ticket.


Real Estate Website Support: Incident Based
If you don’t know how, or don’t have the time to update your website but want to make a small alteration, change or update—we’ve got your back. We can help you with the following types of support requests:


  • Image/Video Upload
  • Changing a Photo
  • Uploading Listings
  • Adding a Functionality to your Real Estate Website
  • And More…


As we don’t charge expensive monthly fees we do charge for support. Our standard support ticket is $25 and covers all the items above. Please note that adding most functionalities can be done for $25, provided they are a pre-existing feature that we offer. Custom functionalities not readily available with WordPress (which has tens of thousands of free features that we can easily install with a standard support ticket).

The average agent generally only has one or two support tickets a year—making the support-ticket payment model significantly cheaper than the monthly payment structure—which you pay regardless of whether you need their support services that month or not.

You can purchase a standard support ticket here:

Or, as always—you can give us a call and we can chat about what you need on your website. We’re (almost) never too busy to take your call!

How Readily Available Are We for Real Estate Website Support?
Sadly, we’re extremely available. Perhaps one day we will get lives off of our computers—but, lucky for you, today is not that day. We get back to all of our customer nearly instantaneously, with a 24-hour absolute max (except for Canada-wide holidays—in which case we will get back to you the following day). Questioning how quickly we can offer customer service and support? Test us. Use the live chat button below, shoot us an email or give us a call!



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