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Why Your Real Estate Website NEEDS WordPress’ Jetpack!

Posted by robinkw on January 12, 2014
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In our last post we wrote about what WordPress’ Jetpack IS, including all the wonderful features bundled into it. However—we also said that not all of them are applicable to a real estate website specifically, but hey—nobody’s perfect right?

WordPress’ Jetpack tool is a kick-a** set of tools for WordPress-built websites that is 100% free and 200% awesome.

Here our favourites—and why we LOVE them….

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Why Your Real Estate Website NEEDS WordPress’ Jetpack!

  1. PhotonPhoton is a feature that allows you to load your images quicker, as they’re hosted on the WordPress network. This plugin saves bandwidth and helps your website load faster as you don’t have to store all those images on your website server. Think of it like your computer—when you use 80% of your memory your computer slows down.
  2. CarouselCarousell allows users to view yours images in full-screen view, while initially displaying your photos in a nice ‘carousel’-like appearance.
  3. Tiled Layouts Tiled layouts is a pretty way to display your photos when you have a number of images together on a single page.
  4. PublicizePublicize is great for people like you—who are busy! All the steps involved in uploading all your blogs is difficult enough, but to go through all your social profiles and post it yourself is irritating. Publicize posts every time with ‘Publicize’. It makes making your posts social—easy as pie!
  5. Sharing Jetpack’s sharing buttons mean your users can easily share your content. Anyone doing social media marketing will immediately understand why that’s important!
  6. Mobile Theme EVERY real estate website needs to be mobile-friendly. All of our are, but just in case your website theme in WordPress doesn’t leverage responsive design—then Jetpack’s mobile theme will ensure your website displays nicely on mobile devices.If you’re wondering whether your site is mobile or not—just ask us!
  7. Infinite ScrollIf your theme supports infinite scroll—then you’ll want this plugin. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with about 50% of themes, but for the ones it does it allows your pages to display an unlimited amount of posts or listings!
  8. Site Stats Sites stats is like a simplified version of Google Analytics, which is a free tool that tells you how many people are on your website each day, how they found it, what pages they visited, what pages make them leave, etc. Site stats is a simple version that takes only a second to setup, that tells you basic data. If you want to drill-down in your site data further, then ask us how to get Google Analytics.


So—if you’re already using one of our WordPress real estate websites but don’t have any of these setup, purchase our simple support ticket for $25 and we can activate them for you lickety split (generally within 48 hours).



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