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Real Estate Website Design Branding—that Actually Works

Posted by robinkw on July 24, 2013
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If there is one piece of real estate website design branding advice that we offer our customers—it’s to be themselves. The cheesy-or-sleazy salesperson image is no longer what the public wants (although we’re not sure its what the public ever wanted). What they want now is genuine, strong, intelligent and sometimes funny realtors—which is also, no-so-coincidentally, what your viewers want.   So, what else do your viewers want? And what else should you include in your real estate website design branding strategy?  

Real Estate Website Design Branding:  

Create a Concept that is Uniquely YOU Nobody can be you like you can. Reflect that in your website. If you’re funny then be funny, if you’re powerful and intimidating then be powerful and intimidating. If you’re accountant-like with numbers, then look like an accountant. Come up with a powerful branding strategy by being you—then lay it on (reasonably) thick. For example, if you’re a cowboy agent at heart and you’ve decided to ‘wrangle your sales’ in a cowboy hat and spurs—then run with it. Have not only a cowboy hat on in your website’s portrait, but make the website background a barn pattern. Then make all your graphics cowboy-related. Then make your business cards to match (and all your other marketing materials). It is only through a repeated message that you become memorable to your viewers.  

Be Funny How many agents website do you think your potential customer has seen before yours? To avoid being just another quick click-through—give them something to remember. And nothing sticks in memories better than humour. Whether it is a cheesy line, a funny slogan, a pun or just a clever overall branding strategy, give them something to remember.  

Keep it Up Successful branding strategies for real estate website design branding don’t happen overnight. In fact, no successful branding strategy happens overnight (not even for biggies like Walmart or Kellogg’s). Give your branding strategy time, but don’t let it lapse in the meantime. Incorporate your strategy into each and every marketing material that you create. For some ideas about how to create an all-around (offline AND online) branding strategy click here. For some more GREAT branding tips click here.  

Ready? Not yet? If you’re nodding your head and agreeing but haven’t the foggiest where to start—never fear, we’re here. Give us a call, shout, ring, email, snail mail, or whatever it takes and we’ll let you know what we have in mind for your custom branding campaign. Check out our pricing to see how little it costs to get the high-level branding  you want (spoiler: its just $2500)