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Should Real Estate Agents Use Website Builders?

Should Real Estate Agents Use Website Builders?  — Real Estate Website Builders


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Should real estate agents use website builders? In our opinion? No, of course not.


Our knee-jerk response isn’t what you think though…


Yes, we—of course—want you to purchase a website from us instead of a website builder, but we also know that eventually most agents who use website builders will turn to a professional web development company anyways. And since we’re rockstar awesome, have the most economical prices in the business and offer top-level technologies—they’ll come to us eventually. So—we’d rather save you the time by telling you which real estate agents should use website builders…and which should use US.


Real Estate Website Builders: Who SHOULD Use Website Builders

  • Agents just starting out who have absolutely zero budget for a website.
  • Agents with plenty of time on their hands to build the website.
  • Agents with a reasonable level of technological know-how.
  • Agents looking for a simple website with basic functionalities (for some—that’s all they need and want, and hey—that’s cool!)

If you think a real estate website builder might be for you–allow us to point you in the right direction with this great chart of different website builders and what they can do:

real estate website builder 2

Real Estate Website Builders: Who SHOULDN’T Use Website Builders

  • Agents who don’t have the average of 15-25 hours that it takes to create a reasonably high-quality website with a website builder—and would just rather fork out the $2500.  Because sometimes having a pro do a pro-grade job is worth more than paying yourself slightly above minimum wage to figure out how to build a website.
  • Agents who have an image to uphold and need a professional-looking website.
  • Agents who want a number of top-level technology website features like lead-capturing, CRM, Live-Chat, Mobile Click-to-Call buttons—and more.
  • Agents looking to leverage on-the-go online marketing with a mobile website and QR codes.
  • Agents who get frustrated easily by technology (you know who you are).
  • Agents who aren’t sure exactly what they need on their website! (You know who YOU are too)
  • Agents who want more control over the look and feel of their site.
  • Agents who see the value in owning their website instead of renting it.
  • Agents who need on-going support to manage and continue to expand their website and online presence.

Real Estate Website Builders….hmmm….Not sure which one you are? Feel free to give us a call…we’re honest and will give you a no-nonsense answer to what you really need. If you understand technology (which we can determine from a 2-minute phone conversation) and all you truly need is a website builder—then we’ll tell you just that! (And then we’ll kindly ask you to refer us to less-technical agents in your office, of course).

If you’ve tried a website builder and aren’t happy with the results or simply ‘weren’t able to quite figure it out’ (no shame in that game—we know how much knowledge it takes to build a website), then welcome home—like family we’ll take care of ya’.


To see examples of the kind of website you can get for just $2500–with no expensive monthly fee–click here for pricing, and here for portfolio examples.

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Author: Robin