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Real Estate Webmasters Tips: Call to Actions that ACTUALLY WORK for Real Estate

Posted by robinkw on November 24, 2013
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Real Estate Webmasters Tips:

If you work with us real estate webmasters then you know that we’re big on giving out killer free advice that we should be charging an arm and a leg for. Well, here’s another one…
For Realtors who have been building their online presence and are now working on turning the traffic/visitors to their site into actual clients—you’ve likely heard about call to actions. Just in case you haven’t, you can read about call to actions here  (because it is too long a topic to deal with in this article).

real estate webmasters call to actions

So, CTAs are buttons or text that convinces people to call, email, give you their email or in some way interact with you. Fantastic. But how?


The truth is, a lot of call to actions don’t work because they are too generic and don’t provide something tangible for your users.


Call to Actions that ACTUALLY WORK for Real Estate Webmasters

Call to actions that actually work need to be useful and actionable for your users—which means that “click here for MLS data” won’t work, because they already know where to find that, on


To help you in the right direction, here are great call to actions that have high success rates for agents:


1. Downloadable Content
By creating a button that allows your users to download important information you can gather their names, emails and possibly phone numbers. It has to be data they want and can’t find with a simple Google search—so make it a “2013 Real Estate Investment Report for Randomville”, “2014 Real Estate Market Insights from the Pros”, or “The Top 13 Home Upgrades that Homebuyers in Randomville Desperately Want”.


2. Information Holdbacks
When creating your unique listing information (which should be much more detailed than what is available on you should leave some information out of the ad—and then write “call for information on this home’s _____(basement, yard, current price, etc.)”

3. Ask Us…
No seriously, we’re only giving you two free call to action ideas. We might be nice but we’re still a business 😉



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