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Real Estate Webmasters Tips: How to SEO-ify Real Estate Websites

Posted by robinkw on November 29, 2013
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We’re regularly asked are our real estate websites SEO ready? And our resounding answer is abso-frickin-lutely…however, our standard websites only have a small portion of the SEO work done. Read on to find out why.

On our websites we can optimize the website pages, images and site architecture—but the real ‘Google juice’ that earns you SEO brownie points comes down to two primary components: inbound links and content.

Real Estate Webmasters Tips: Inbound Links
Inbound links are links from other websites that link to yours. Google takes this as a very suggestive nod that says ‘hey, this site must have good stuff if other people want to link to them so much’. So, inbound links are important to your SEO, and therefore your Google Page Rank (where your website shows up on Google searches).


We don’t get involved in inbound linking for SEO for one very specific reason—companies who offer inbound links generally do so with low-quality link from websites like ‘Bob’s Fishing and Tackle in Timbuktu, which is unrelated to real estate websites and therefore offers very little Google juice.


The absolute best way to get high-quality links is to ask your friends, colleagues and network of service providers to link to you. Local links are best, as are ones in your vertical (so, real estate). The longer the website has been around, the better that it does in Google searches and the more prominently your link is placed all matter in SEO. Unfortunately nobody can do this better than you—which is why we don’t offer this as a service.


This is something you can do yourself by asking around. Having said that, Google doesn’t take reciprocal linking well, but there is a great workaround to this if you have a bunch of friends who want to link to each other—it’s called a link triangle. You can google it for details.


Real Estate Websites SEO: Content is King

The other major—and biggest contributor to SEO—is content.


If you can plenty of Google juice and brownie points you need phenomenal, original content on your website. The more the better. When it comes to content there are a number of things that make a page of website content the ideal content for Google, including:


  • That it is 350 words or more.
  • It has at least one outbound link (to a website other than yours).
  • That there is at least one image.
  • That image needs an alt tag with your keyword
  • That your keyword is in your title, in a subheading in your article and in the URL.
  • That your title isn’t too short—or too long.
  • That your keyword is at the beginning of your title
  • That your keyword is used quickly within your first paragraph.

If all that seems like a lot to remember (and it is!), never fear—there is an amazing WordPress plugin called Yoast that will analyze every post you make and make suggestions about how you can improve your SEO.


Yoast uses an awesome traffic-light visual to tell you how you’re doing. Red is bad, orange is less bad, yellow is reasonable and green is great (although it still gives you suggestions to make it absolutely perfect).

With Yoast you can ensure that all your content is SEO-ified. We can install it on any Real Estate Websites Canada website easily—so if you haven’t gotten Yoast yet—let us know!


OR—you can hire us to create your content for $35 a page and then it will be professionally-written and laid out, and be entirely SEO-ready.




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