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Real Estate Marketing: 6 Reasons Responsive Web Design is Awesome

Posted by robinkw on November 25, 2013
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As professional real estate Marketing pros we’ve done the research on responsive real estate website design—and the verdict is in, responsive web design is a good idea. But first, we’ll explain what it is…

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What IS Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design is an approach to website design that allows the website to automatically readjust itself in size and display to be optimally viewed across all devices and their varying screen sizes. What it does it allow one website to look great whether you look at it on a 20” computer monitor, a 13” laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. The adjustments it makes will be fluid and will use percentages to readjust its sizing.

Here are some examples you can check out.

Real Estate Marketing Tips: 6 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Awesome
To help you understand why responsive web design is an awesome new technology that every Realtor should be leveraging, here are the top reasons we came up with to switch to responsive design:


  1. If you use responsive web design then you don’t need to have a mobile-optimized website version that you will need to update each time you update your original non-mobile website.
  2. You decrease the amount of scrolling and adjusting the screen size that your users have to do, which causes them to get frustrated and leave your website.
  3. It is more cost effective because with responsive design you don’t need to purchase a separate mobile website.
  4. You will be ‘future proofing’ your real estate website because responsive websites are designed well and will more easily incorporate new and emerging technologies.
  5. It helps your SEO, because Google likes optimized sites better than non-optimized—which means you’ll appear higher than non-responsive and non-mobile-optimized sites when mobile users do a Google search.
  6. It will assist other marketing campaigns, like email marketing—as the average person now reads more emails on their mobile device than computers. This means that when they click-through your content they need a good mobile viewing experience.


As real estate Marketing we’ve fallen in love with responsive web design, and so should you. If you’re interested in offering your users and potential customers a better online experience on your website—then you’ll want to leverage responsive design.


To incorporate responsive design into your website—just call us, the real estate Marketing here at Real Estate Websites Canada (street name: REwebsites). 
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