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Real Estate Webmaster Tips:4 Preventative Measures for Better WordPress Security

Posted by robinkw on December 12, 2013
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real estate webmaster tips:

 So—some say that WordPress isn’t as secure a platform as home-brewed content management systems that exist on custom-developed websites (which cost anywhere between $3,500 to $10,00+), and they’d be right. Well, sort of.
WordPress is like a Windows computer—it can be vulnerable to security intrusions if not properly protected. Just like you put an anti-virus programs, you can add the same type of security to WordPress.

 real estate webmaster tips security

Whether added security is needed for real estate agent websites is another question though. First of all, when real estate agents create WordPress websites they do it to make a site full of public information about them and their business—so these websites don’t contain sensitive information. After all, your contact information is as public as public gets—you’ve put endless hours into getting your name and number out there as much as possible. So, if all the information in your WordPress is published on your WP website—then perhaps security isn’t your biggest concern. If you will be adding a CRM on the backend and storing important information, then follow these security tips…

 4 Real Estate Webmaster Tips to Add Security to your WordPress Website

  1. Update Just like Windows computers, WordPress releases security updates that must be updated in order to maintain up-to-the-moment security standards. This is easy, you simply hit the big yellow “update” button that appears at the top of every WP page on the backend of your website. You literally can’t miss it.
  2. Pick a Secure Password Using your puppy’s name isn’t a secure password. A secure password should contain both letters, and numbers—and some capital letters and symbols. If that sounds daunting you can use this Secure Password Generator from cutting-edge security firm Norton.
  3. Use a Security Plugin There are plenty of security plugins that will help protect your WP website, and they install at the click of a button. One of our favourites is Better WP Security.
  4. Backup If you’ve ever had a computer go to that big electronics yard in the sky—then you’ve learned the importance of backing up. Use a WP plugin to regularly schedule online backups for your site. This way if anything negative happens you can simply restore it to your last save point. WP Online Backup is a great plugin.

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