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5 Crazy-Mad-Awesome Real Estate Web Design Tips

Posted by robinkw on August 16, 2013
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Want some super-crazy-mad-awesome real estate web design tips? Well you’re in luck.

When our bad mama-jama web developers aren’t busy creating internet-based masterpieces they occasionally impart a few pearls of wisdom on us. And here they are, in the form of 5 super-amazingly-awesome real estate web design tips from Canada’s slightly-more-than-mediocre real estate webmasters:

  1. real estate web designEmotion Works BetterOur real estate web design web guys can be surprisingly sappy—but it works out well. When they are able (and allowed) to incorporate heart-string-tugging elements into the design of our client’s websites, those website turn out more leads than non-emotion wrenching sites. A few tips on how to work a lil emotion into the sale are:
  • Work the women and kids angle
  • Appeal to a man trying to please his wife
  • Lifestyle-enhancing elements

So, instead of using generic photos use ones that convey a certain lifestyle, or appeal to women or mothers. Pay attention to small details of your website design as well. For example, if you’re trying to appeal to the woman (and let’s face it very few real estate deals have ever gone down when the wife hates the house or agent) then use softer colours instead of harsh metallic-coloured themes.

  1. Design with Women in Mind
    Aww heck—let’s face it, women make the majority of home-buying decisions (or at least have veto power over the decision), so play up to it. Don’t be too intimidating appearing on your website or women could go running from the hills. An example of catering towards women can be seen on a niche website we made in Regina, about condos for sale in Regina. This website caters to women especially as they represent a large percentage of the condo-buying population in the city.
  2. Leverage your Content
    Pretty pictures will only get you so far. In fact they’ll only hold a viewer’s attention for about 7 seconds. After that you need legible content that they can easily skim. This means clearly-named subheadings and to-the-point information. We’re a Nintendo- and microwave-generation society, so be sure everything on your website can capture our flighty attention-spans in mere moments—and keep them.A great example of this is a website that we’ve helped sculpt some of the content for: A sample page is their page on White Rock homes for sale–which is full of recent and relevant stats, trends and homeprices.
  3. Make it Mobile
    The days of opting for a mobile website are over. You now need one. Period. If you meet a potential client they aren’t going to read your business card they are going to scan the CR code and go to your website—on their mobile phone. If it comes up with tiny, scrunched-up letters and illegible fonts they will simply give it the pass. These days mobile is super easy, and extremely affordable—so there is no excuse.
  4. Don’t DIY
    While you might recommend DIY projects to your clients to fix up their nicked walls and cracked bath tub—a realtor’s website isn’t the time to be all DIY about yourself. Your website needs to be über-professional. It needs to convey that you are a dedicated professional who takes their job seriously and thoroughly understands key marketing concepts (like professionalism).

If you’re considering hiring a pro for your real estate web design project—give us a call. You’ll love us, and we’ll create a website that will represent you, perfectly. 

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