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Above are just a few of the WordPress theme options that our customers can choose from. There are thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes out there for agents to choose, and above are just a few of the real estate industry favorites.


What to Look for in a Real Estate Web Design WordPress Theme:

Unfortunately, having thousands of choices can make choosing a Real Estate Web Design layout even more difficult–so to make things easier we’ve put together a short list of things to look for:

Overall Design: you can change the colours, you can change the pictures, you can change the text but there is very little you can do to change the overall design and look of the real estate website.

Colour Schemes: not every WordPress theme is available in every colour of the rainbow. If you have a specific branding colour or favourite color you will want to ensure that the theme is available in the colour you want. You can find this by going to the theme creator’s website and looking at the options of the theme–or you can just ask us.

Browser Compatibility: not every theme was design for every browser. To ensure that everyone can view your site look for a theme compatible with Internet Explorer, Foxfire, Safari AND Chrome.

Mobility:  real estate website mobility is all the rage these days so find out how your chosen theme measures up in terms of mobile compatibility. The ability to adapt to mobile can usually be done after setting up the website as well, but it is much easier (and cheaper) to convert a mobile-infused theme than a non-mobile theme.

 Search Engine Optimization: everyone wants a search-engine friendly website that is search engine optimized, aka SEO, but some themes do this better than others. If you’re curious about the SEO of a specific theme–probably easiest to just ask us 🙂

If you have specific questions about Real Estate Web Design or which themes are the best for your real estate agent business–just ask us, we don’t bite. Except Sundays. We bite on Sundays.


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