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Real Estate Web Design Canada: Where the Heck Are We Located?

Posted by robinkw on January 12, 2014
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Here at Real Estate Web Design Canada we’re regularly asked where we’re located…and the answer is we’re not.

We’re not physically located in any one place. We’re spread out across the globe in a virtual workforce. We’d work on the moon if it had better Wifi.

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Real Estate Web Design Canada–WHY? WHY?

Well, because we love travelling, we love warm climates—and we LOVE not having to dredge into an office everyday. We’re a happy mobile workforce. But before you doubt that our commitment to physical real estate is anything but a massive bonus to you—know that our mobility is a major benefit for our customers…

As a mobile force we have no expensive overhead—and offices are expensive! If we all dredged into an office everyday we’d have to pay rent, electricity, telecommunications, stamps and the like. That costs money….and when we say it costs money—it would cost YOU money, because we’re not a charity.

If you’d like to join our “Buy REwebsites an Office” relief plan we encourage you to buy our websites at twice the price. In reward we’ll send you the picture of the office worker that you’ve sponsored, in addition to a hand-written email every month of how much they hate their new cubicle. So—donate today to join our give-an-office-worker-a-cubicle program.

..OR, simply support our mobile real estate web design workers and buy one of our insanely affordably-priced websites. And don’t feel sorry for us…we like our offices on the beach and home offices.


Real Estate Web Design? What Web Design?

Ah…we see that you’re new around here. Well, welcome to the future of real estate websites design. Our custom-branded, high-tech websites are the most affordable websites around as ours cost just $2500 (+$120/year for hosting)–and they still offer the top technologies on the market.

If you’re asking yourself how we can afford to charge a one-time fee while most of our competitors charge $50+ monthly—it is because we do things different. A mobile, office-less workforce is just one of the ways that we keep our prices affordable for the rockstar websites we offer.

Another way that we keep our prices down, beyond real estate, is that we use an existing platform instead of building our own—because heck, why reinvent the wheel? We use WordPress, an open-source (this means free) platform that is the most widely used platform on the planet. Every major technology integrates into WordPress, including major CRMs, lead generation, email marketing, live chat and more. What WordPress does, it empowers us to offer leading technologies—without having a hundred-thousand-dollar development department (because again, that’s expensive!).

Yet another way we save (you) money, is that we don’t charge you monthly for MLS listing integration. We don’t know why the big guys do. Greed we suppose (sorry big guys, if you’re reading this!). We charge you to set it up—because we have to pay someone to do it—and again, we’re not a charity—but we actually don’t make any money on this. We currently charge just $89.95, one time, (if you’re reading this from the future and we’ve raised our one-time setup charge—sorry, you should have bought a website sooner!) because it doesn’t cost us anything next month or the month after that.

So—are you ready to get a custom, mobile-friendly website, for an affordable one-time price that is less than it costs to rent a templated websites for one year from our competitors?

Great—contact us today, or keep browsing around our website while you continue to realize why we’re the best solution on the market.



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