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Real Estate Video Marketing: From your Smartphone!!

Posted by robinkw on March 1, 2014
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Real estate video marketing isn’t anywhere near as hard as you think! When we build our real estate websites we ask the agent if they have any videos that we can integrate into the website. Unfortunately, 9 times out 10—they don’t. While we don’t press the matter, we do let agents know what a difference to the website (and your authenticity) that video makes to their website. We also let them know how EASY it is.

What we recommend to agents is beginning by making a simple video with their smartphone. Most smartphones these days, like iPhones, have great-quality video. While professional-grade, professionally-lit videos are obviously better—give making a video on your phone first. If that goes well and the response is good then you will see the value.


Real Estate Video Marketing

There are a number of excellent ways to leverage video in your real estate marketing campaigns:

  • With an intro video that introduces you as an agent (and your specialized talents, verticals, skills and marketing efforts)
  • Listings videos that feature you walking through the listing, describing all the highlights (homeowners LOVE this)
  • Neighbourhood vignettes of neighbourhood highlights

How to Begin Video Marketing

For those agents who are a little intimidated by technology, video is a great place to start. It truly is super easy, and just requires 5 little steps:

  1. Take Video on Smartphone
    Your first step is to take the video. Ask a client, family member or other agent to hold the camera while you let your star power shine. You may want to find another agent to partner up with videos for, it will give you some support doing your videos and will help you both out.
  2. Turn on WIFI
    Before you download the video from your phone to the internet, turn on your wifi. Downloading a large video file will eat up your data plan extremely quickly.
  3. Download the YouTube App
    Downloading the YouTube app to your phone (either Android or iPhone) will let you upload a video in the click of a button. So, download the app, create an account and then follow the steps to upload your video(s). We advise you to use YouTube instead of the many other video companies out there as YouTube video are displayed high in Google search results (Google owns YouTube).
  4. Upload to Facebook
    After you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube it will give you the video’s URL address. Copy and paste this into your Facebook account to post it.
  5. Add Link to your Website
    If you’re using one of our WordPress websites you can add the video to any listing, blog post, webpage or featured listing by simply pasting the URL address into the page (on a separate line—not inline with other text). Then publish the page and the video will be embedded on your site.
  6. Done
    That’s it. Now that you know how easy it is, repeat the process for each listing.

Real estate video marketing is extremely easy. Once you’ve completed the process above you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it. If you don’t have a website that allows you to easily embed your video in your website—give us a call.

real estate video marketing

An example of what an embedded video will look like (taken from our “Using ‘Em” page)

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