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Real Estate Technology Tips: Make 2014 the Year you FINALLY Switch to a Mac

Posted by robinkw on March 1, 2014
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We love technology and we really ‘heart’ real estate technology tips. But, sometimes we focus too much on emerging technologies—which is why we want to get back to basics with this blog post.

How fast (or slow) is your computer?

Having personally worked with a number of agents, we have to say the average real estate agent computer is extremely sluggish. A slow computer means you either need to work longer to get the same results, or you get less done in the same timeframe. Speeding up your computer will speed up your production (or give you more time off!).




Our simple answer is to make this the year you finally switch to a Mac computer. Here at Real Estate Websites Canada we’re huge Mac fans (well—Linux fans, but that’s another story). Mac computers don’t get viruses and they don’t slow down as quickly as PCs do. If you have a PC you can try adding a software to clean it up and speed it up, like TuneUp Utilities ( although note that this isn’t a miracle worker.

real estate technology tips: buy a mac

Real Estate Technology Tips: Switch to Mac

Macs are extremely reliable computers—and they have the price tag to prove it. In our opinion they are worth the extra cost as they last significantly longer and offer increased productivity. In recent years Macs have become so widespread that the prices have been reduced significantly. Also, now every type of software is compatible with Macs (whereas 10 years ago it was a major struggle).


There are a number of reasons to switch to Mac:

real estate technology tips: buy a mac

  1. They’re faster—and stay faster longer.
  2. Apple offers exceptional service! If you need assistance just book a FREE appointment at their mac genius bar.
  3. They don’t get viruses and other harmful maladies like Windows PCs.
  4. The new notification tools in the latest versions of their software—which have a little pop-up window that shows new email, Facebook messages and more.
  5. They sync extremely well with iPhones…and we know how much Realtors LOVE iPhones.
  6. They don’t come with all the useless, pre-installed software that Windows does (which is one of the many reasons they are so slow).
  7. The details. Small details like a charger that has a magnetic attachment tool for easy plugging in and unplugging.
  8. Their design is simply beautiful.
  9. There’s only a small learning curve—with the average person taking less than a couple of hours to adjust to the system (which is similar-looking to Windows).
  10. Cache. Macs are not just great computers they’re also a style symbol. You look good picking our a sleek macbook from your bag instead of hauling out a clunky PC.
  11. They have the top security, which means they stay secure no matter how ‘insecure’ the user (you know who you are).


So—our real estate technology tips for this week: consider buying a Mac. If you’re a new agent and the price tag is simply too much for your current budget (we know starting out is hard), you can purchase a gently used one online for a really affordable price.



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