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Real Estate Technology Tips: Add Text and Arrows to Pics on your iPhone!

Posted by robinkw on February 9, 2014
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As a real estate technology tip, here’s a great one. Did you know that you can very easily markup images on your iPhone to send to clients? Yup! With just the click of a few buttons.

With Skitch you can do the following:

  1. Add points of interest to a Google map photo
  2. Point out elements in a listing photo
  3. Highlight points in a contract
  4. Anything else you can think of pretty much!

Here is a great video that demonstrates how easy it is. It also offers a great real estate technology tips on how to easily take a photo of anything on the screen of your iPhone!

*Note: This is a video from RE/MAX’s technology group but we have no affiliation with them–it is just a great video! 🙂




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