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Real Estate Technology Tip: GET Cycloramic Panoramic App…like now

Posted by robinkw on April 25, 2014
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Our real estate technology tip of the week is to make the best under-$2 investment you’ll ever make—buy the Cycloramic app. Cycloramic is an app that can turn any iPhone into a panoramic camera. It’s also great for taking wide angle-like photos. Perhaps now we should apologize to real-estate photographers everywhere…sorry dudes.

 real estate technology tip cycloramic

The Cycloramic app is perhaps the coolest app we’ve ever seen. It harnesses the vibration capabilities of your phone—without any additional equipment—to slowly turn the phone on its axis to take stunning panoramic photos. It then seamlessly stitches the photos together and voila: you have a panoramic photo of the interior or exterior of your listings. The genius of this app is that it doesn’t require a special base, just stand your iPhone up on its flat bottom (this only works with the newer, flat-bottomed models) and the app does the rest.

Cycloramic is getting some great press, in fact we saw them on the phenomenal American show Shark Tank—where the millionaire and billionaire ‘sharks’ were chomping at the bit to invest in this company!  And hey—5 super-rich-smart-people can’t be wrong!


In addition to taking simple photos this best-in-class photo and VIDEO maker (that’s right—it takes VIDEO TOO!) , it also creates high-res images, is easily exported to your social media profiles and comes with filters and stickers to highlight the images as well.


The Cycloramic app is also available on Android—for FREE (for the moment). The iPhone version is currently $1.99, but we expect that this will rise slightly…although even if it doubled or tripled in price it would still be a solid micro investment.


You can download the iPhone app here:


And the Android app here: