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Real Estate Technology Review: Prezi Presentation Software

Posted by robinkw on December 16, 2013
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For some of you old-school agents out there, Prezi is real estate technology which is doing for presentations in the Web 2.0 world what Powerpoint did in the 90s—it makes high-quality presentations (remember: back in the 90s, Powerpoint was cutting-edge stuff) with point-and-click technology.

Real  Estate Technology What Prezi Does

Prezi is a sensational free (with a paid version available) online tool that lets you build powerful presentations online. It has an intuitive platform that works much like Powerpoint in that you point and click on the items you want, but it adds voice, video and animation. Prezi is most beneficial for Realtors when used in listing presentations—although it is a great presentation tool for any presentation you make on your iPad. Signing up for Prezi takes, literally, 30 seconds as you simply enter your email, name and create a password and then you’re done. You’re then ready to create your first presentation, by following the giant, flashing blue prompts.


For the visual learners amongst us, here is a great 5-minute video from about how to get started:



For specific videos on how to use Prezi software—just Google “how to do X in Prezi” and you’ll find great tutorial videos. If you want a real basic-level explanation and walk through, here is a good albeit dry video (with a Stephen Hawking-like presentor voice):



The Final Result

To fast forward through the real estate technology process and find out what your presentation could look like—here are a few sample ones:


How to Use It

Once you have made your Prezi presentation you can open it up on your iPad or computer during listing presentations. With the paid version you can download it to your device or host it on YouTube. You can also integrate it into your WordPress website with a simple plugin or addition—ask us about specifically how (or buy a simply support ticket for $25 and just have us do it for you).


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