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Real Estate Technology: Clear the Clutter in your Office with NeatDesk

Posted by robinkw on December 23, 2013
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Real Estate Technology — If your new years resolution is to (finally) declutter your desk…boy do we have the tool for you—NeatDesk. Now, we rarely recommend hardware beyond a great computer and an iPad, but this is a good one. The reason why is that we’ve been in Realtor offices that are covered in paper and it drives us nuts.


Real Estate Technology Review: NeatDesk

This awesome piece of decluttering hardware will scan all your receipts, business cards, documents and other hardcopy items and digitize them. It is more than a simple scanner though as its smart technology reads the content and helps you automatically organize it. Yup, this scanner can help identify, extract and then organize the most important information.

real estate technology neatdesk

What this means to you is that you can declutter your desk and file cabinet—while having the documents easily at hand as the hardware/software combination organizes your documents into an indexed file that allows you to easily find them on your computer. We bet that you’ll be able to find them quicker on your computer (after using the software a few times) than you can find the hardcopy.


The ONLY downside to this real estate technology is that it is quite pricey at $399.95—however, if you’re a broker then this is a no-brainer as an investment to increase not only your offices’ efficiency but also your agents’. If you’re an agent who’s broker isn’t interested, consider compiling a few friends in the office to make the investment with you…if you can get 8 agents its only $50 each. The product will absolutely save you $50 worth of time in the efficiencies it offers you. Also, it comes with a 30-day free trial, so if you hate it, nothing lost.


This product can help you with:


  • Decluttering
  • Organizing your tax information
  • Importing contacts into your phone
  • Organize your contact’s information with their documentation
  • Information backup as you not only digitize your hardcopy files but you can also back it up on the internet to ensure even if your office explodes your information will be there.



NOTE: We have no affiliation with this real estate technology product—we just like it, and think a huge percentage of our customers could use it!


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