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Real Estate Slogans

Posted by robinkw on December 17, 2013
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If you’re looking for advice on how quantifiably-effective real estate slogans are—we can’t help you. We don’t know how successful they are. But, what we can tell you is that they can be a highly-effective element of an overall branding campaign.


When it comes to branding, we highly recommend selecting a niche before choosing your real estate slogan. This is because real estate slogans are secondary to your overall branding strategy. It is much more effective to decide to become the condo agent in your city, or the foreclosure agent—or the relocation agent, than to try to brand yourself as “the 24-7 realtor”. Whether you choose a vertical like condos, or a geographic region—do this before you pick your slogan. Then, pick a real estate slogan to suit.

Real Estate Slogans

Below are a few of the most-common options available in the market place. These serve purely as an inspiration creator—but we highl
y encourage you to customize a slogan to yourself. If you get stuck….just ask us for some ideas.

Just before we jump into some examples, know that the most effective real estate slogans target a geographic area, use a rhyme, paint a picture or tug on the heart strings.


Example slogans to get your creative branding juices going are:


  • To sell fast—call the rapid Realtor
  • because nobody does it better!
  • Past performance means future guarantees
  • Because your home is worth it
  • Reward yourself with experience
  • Delivering (consistent) results
  • The low-commission agent
  • Solutions—not promises
  • Profit from ourexperience
  • …because your home is your best investment
  • Bigger homes, for less
  • The Condo Queen
  • Your full-service agent
  • Everything I touch turns to sold
  • Move in the right direction with ____
  • Real estate solutions—simplified
  • …dedicated, to results
  • Meet with the rest—sign with the best
  • Coming soon—to a closing near you
  • Intuitive investments
  • Beyond the sale…
  • Click or call…we do it all!
  • Real estate relationships—not transactions
  • Welcome home.
  • Turning your realty dreams into reality


For more tips on real estate slogans and overall real estate branding—stay tuned to our blog! 


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