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Real Estate SEO Tips (Search Engine Optimization) – a Guide PART TWO

Posted by robinkw on February 22, 2014
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How to Choose SEO-Friendly Keywords

Google, with all their brilliance, has made it extremely easy to choose keywords that are relevant to your city and your industry. Simply use Google’s AdWords tool and put in a few examples. It will then spit out how many people search those terms per month—AND it will give you suggestions of other keywords. It will also tell you if there is “low”, “medium” or “high” competition. Ideally you want to pick medium or low, to avoid heavy competition.

Real Estate SEO Tips

The Real Estate SEO Landscape

As we mentioned above, there is huge competition from other realtors in your area to show up well in Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). Real estate has more local competition than other industries, like blacksmiths or roofing, as there are so many agents in each city. There are also large-scale websites like and Zoocasa. The good news about the big guys is that they go for for nation-wide keywords instead of local ones. The bad news is that leaves every other techno-savvy agent in town as competition. Fighting to be the top of however many realtors are in town certainly isn’t good news—but it isn’t impossible.

How to Win with Real Estate SEO Tips

Your easiest way to win, as discussed above, is to go for low-competition keywords. This means focusing on your address/listing-based keywords, niche keywords and long-tail keywords.

Even when you compete in niches and address-based keywords, you will still have competition. To ‘win’ you need to out compete them. This means adding more content than they do and getting more links than they do. An example of this can be found at a website we’re working on for luxury homes Brampton: a niche website about high-end homes in Brampton Ontario. By focusing on a specific niche we were able to skyrocket this website up to the top of the second page of Google in under a month (this was at the time of writing–it will surely be higher than that by the time you read this!).

The Quick Fix to Real Estate SEO Tips

Did we get your attention with the sub heading ‘the quick fix’? Great. Now that we have your attention….there is NO quick fix. Sorry guys. The only ways to cheat SEO are to use blacklisted techniques. These techniques may get you listed highly on Google for a short while—but as soon as they figure out what you are doing (and they WILL!) you may very well be banned. There is no worse internet-marketing fate than to be banned from Google.


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