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Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization): a Guide PART FOUR

Posted by robinkw on February 22, 2014
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How to Create a Winning Real Estate SEO Strategy

The only way to win at SEO is to put in the effort. It isn’t impossible, but it truly is effort-driven. An effective real estate SEO strategy needs to include the following (some of this will be repetitive—but it is so important we’ll say it twice):
Real Estate SEO

  1. Unique Content

    Unique content is Google’s biggest attractant. IF you don’t have unique content they won’t even bother with your page. This means unique pages, unique blog posts (and buying it from those companies who charge you $12/month for 5 blog posts won’t cut it!) and unique listings. IF you didn’t write it yourself (or paid someone to do it) then it isn’t unique. If it is copy and pasted content—don’t bother, it will hurt more than it would ever help.

  2. Inbound Links

    Inbound links for real estate SEO need to be grown organically. Buying 1,000 links for $14.95 won’t get you anywhere. You need LOCAL links that have good SEO value on their own. Sorry guys—there’s no easy way around this (you’ll surely be noticing this as a trend by now)

  3. Keywords

    Without using real estate SEO keywords, Google won’t know for which searches to display you in their search results. As mentioned above, use long- and short-tail keywords, niche keywords and low-competition keywords. Low-competition keywords are especially critical. A company we’ve been working with in Vancouver,, has leveraged this strategy  in order to rank on Google on one of the most competitive cities in Canada: Vancouver. To help them achieve this strategy we helped them use lower-competition keywords for neighbourhoods within Greater Vancouver, like Steveston real estate

  4. New Content

    Adding content to your website once and then leaving it to fester isn’t a good strategy. You need regularly updated and produced content over the long-term to win at SEO.


‘Winning’ at SEO means being in it for the long haul. It doesn’t happen quickly, it can take months or years. If you doubt us because other people promise X results in X months—no worries, but bookmark this blog because we guarantee you’ll be back.

The long and short of it is that there is zero way around hard work. You can’t buy your way with cheap SEO packages. This is likely frustrating and many of you will head on over to our competition who promises a quick fix and effortless solution…but you’ll be back.




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