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Real Estate SEO: Google Authorship: Get your PHOTO on Google!

Posted by robinkw on February 9, 2014
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UPDATE: Unfortunately Google has removed Google Authorship for the time being. We all sincerely hope that they will launch this again in the near future, however Google hasn’t expressed any inklings that this is currently in the works. If you hopped in a Dolorian and are reading this from the future–send us a quick note on whether the awesome Google Authorship was ever revived!


Google Authorship is an effective and easy way to improve your real estate SEO and improve the amount of search engine visitors you receive. 

What is Google Authorship

Google Authorship is essentially a way to be recognized by Google—in a very visual way. Verified Google authors have a picture that appears in search results. This picture comes along with a byline. real estate SEO google authorship example

How Google Authorship Affect Real Estate SEO

Google recognizes—and rewards—its verfiied authors by displaying their articles higher in search results than equivalent articles and websites who do not have Google Authorship. Your Authorship rating however will improve the more places you are published on the web, so work on doing guest posting on like-minded blogs. These can be your brokerage’s blog, your company’s blog (Royal Lepage, RE/MAX, etc.), mortgage broker blogs or other real-estate industry blogs. The more you posts around the web (when linking to your Authorship account), the better your reputation and recognition from Google will be.

The Real Estate SEO Results

Studies are showing that pages with Google Authorship recognition (the pictures and the bylines) gain 150% more click-throughs than pages without it.

How to Setup Google Authorship (Spoiler: It’s Easy!)

Setting up Google Authorship is extremely easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a Google Plus profile
  2. Add a professional-looking photo as your primary photo on Google Plus
  3. Ensure your Google Plus name matches the name that you use in real estate
  4. Add your blog to your profiles “Contributor” section (this involves simply entering the URL address and the name of the website)
  5. Add your Google Authorship code to your website

If you are unsure about how to add this code to your website, ask your website provider. If you’re one of our beloved customers…just ask us to add it for you 🙂



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