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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO): a Guide PART THREE

Posted by robinkw on February 22, 2014
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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Fake Promises

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard “but X company offers us SEO success at no extra cost”. While many agents realize how silly this sounds after they say it—there is NO quick fix to SEO. SEO is work, those who put in the most work (done smartly) will win.

What DOESN’T Work

The web is full of fake real estate search engine optimization promises, made primarily by people who have no stake in your success, or who can temporarily profit off you. There are however a number of theories that are floating around that are incorrect:

  1. IDX/DDF Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

    Your IDX or DDF stream DOES NOT improve SEO. Yes, we know, every vendor says this—but it’s a lie. Here’s why…SEO is dependant on unique content (doubt us? Search on Google how they punish duplicate content), and IDX and DDF are NOT unique content. This is the same data being pushed out to every single real estate agent’s site in Canada. If every agent has identical content (which IDX and DDF listing ARE—if they are exact replicas of the original listing then they aren’t allowed)…then there is no SEO benefit. There are surely many of you shaking your heads, saying that “no, my company said their IDX/DDF listings feed IS SEO friendly!”….think about it. If SEO is all about beating the crowd for search engine results, identical content cannot possibly benefit you in any way. Sorry guys.

  2. Guaranteed #1 On Google!

    There is no simple way around real estate search engine optimization. All the companies saying that they can get you to number one on Google for $89.95, are lying. Google spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year ensuring that nobody figures out how to cheat the system. They employ the top mathematicians and programmers to ensue that nobody can cheat the system…and your vendor who says they can do it for a small one-time fee, or for $20/month…it’s a lie. Again, sorry.




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