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Real Estate Online Marketing Tips: 3 EASY Ways to Leverage Video

Posted by robinkw on October 29, 2013
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One of our best real estate online marketing tips–and pay attention because we don’t have strokes of genius every day is this: Video should be in every real estate agent’s portfolio—after all, you’ve already got a smartphone with a camera that’s more powerful than a 1990s 3.5-lb camera. But a camera is only half the equation. There is also being inside your listed property—oh, wait.


There is no excuse for agents not to leverage video. Uploading a video to YouTube (super easy—try it, we dare you) takes mere seconds. A minute and a half if you’re one of the 37 Canadians still using dial-up. It is also a great cheat to SEO as a few relevant YouTube videos are displayed at the top of Google search results—effortlessly beating out all the people who worked hard with SEO to get just below your latest YouTube video.


Even better news (well, maybe not better—but at least still pretty darned good) is that there are 3 easy ways to leverage video for real estate agents…


Real Estate Online Marketing Tips: 3 EASY Ways to Leverage Video

  1. Video ListingsYou’ve likely heard the internet ‘mantra’ that “print is dead”. Well, that’s only a half truth. While creating tempting-sounding listings to grace the virtual pages of MLS with is still moderately envogue, nothing sells real estate like glossy video. So the next time you’re jaunting around your listing, pop open your phone’s camera and snap a quick vid (1-3-minutes tops). Upload it to YouTube when you get home, slap the address name and neighbourhood in the title, link it to your website and you’re done. The whole process will take less than 10 minutes once you’ve found your groove.
  2. Introduction/Explainer Video How many potential clients can you actually get in front of per day and give your best elevator pitch to? Its like a very small multiple of one—and no blame-game here, getting in front of people is as hard as a petrified oak tree. Technology’s goal in life is to make our lives easier. Let it. Making an introduction/explainer/elevator pitch video is a signficantly easier way to get in front of people, even if it is virtual. Put it on your website, on YouTube, put a QR code linking to it on your marketing material or come up with other creative ways to get it out there. It will only take maybe 30 minutes all together and then its a set-it-and-forget-it solution (unless your ‘pitch’ changes).
  3. Neighbourhood Profiles Video listings are a great way to sell a home, but to cast a wider net do a video neighbourhood profile. It will come up on Google every time someone searches that neighbourhood on Google (and relatively high up on the search results as it is video) for years to come. Make one each week, beginning with the most popular neighbourhood, or with your special ‘sweet spots’. One a week might be a little gung-ho, but once you see the results you’ll likely even ramp that up. Hop on over to YouTube (in a new browser please—we don’t want you leaving us just yet) and search a few neighbourhoods in your market—unless you’re in one of Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas we betcha’ almost nothing comes up.


Think these lil’ real estate online marketing tips were good? Stay tuned for more pearls of internet wisdom—and sign up for our Facebook page—we’ve got streams of grade-A stuff on there (seriously—check it out!).


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Author: Robin